Cool Accessories for Use in Autumn and Winter

Cool Accessories for Use in Autumn and Winter
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It has the saying that “the winter makes the most fashionable people”, right? And in part it is due to the accessories that we can use this season because the cold allows us “to mount” more! I separated some that are up this winter for you to get inspired!

Beanie Caps

I will confess that I was never a fan of headdresses. I always thought a half-male thing for my style, and never liked accessories in the same head. But in winter, on cold days, we end up missing some protection for head and ears, because it is almost impossible not to suffer from earaches that time. And that’s awful, face it.

But this model cap that has made the head (excuse the ridiculous pun) girls out there turned my desire to fashion for this winter. I’m talking about the beanie cap, which are those models of large caps, which are folgadinhos in the back. They have many knitting points, with braided flat, smooth, woven, embroidered, pleated and simple point. Besides being stylish, they are toasty warm and perfect for cooler days. The most romantic models can be used with dresses and skirts, the largest and male models can be accompanied by jackets and trench coats.

The charm of beanie cap is the volume that it forms at the top of the head, so if you do not want the volume is pointing up, choose models with crinkled woven or embroidered, they are more “heavy” and make the volume to fall onto the hair. Thus, it is more like a beret that a cap, and helps give a more romantic air to production.

In Brazil, it is still difficult to find this model, but on the Internet there are several shops and people who make to order. If you have aptitude for crocheting or knitting, which are not lacking they are tutorials for you to make your own beanie cap.

Stoles and Scarves

They are a classic, but there are people who are still afraid and do not know how to use, then just leaving one of the protagonists of the next winter style! The scarves and stoles are more than just an accessory to warm up, but they help, and, to compose the visual winter. And for those who think they can only be used with knitted blouses and simple jackets’re mistaken. They can, and should, be used to compose productions dresses, shorts and skirts. The rule is simple, if the attachment is printed, choose sober pieces pro rest of the look. If otherwise, abuse of scarves works, colored or printed scarves. Winter is already in itself gray, the clothes and accessories need not be, right? The same goes for scarves, which also comes with all this winter. The wipes are more versatile since they can be tied in various ways.

At the time of tie: a good way to use scarves and scarves is bending them vertically, and winding around the neck loosely, as if they “embrace” our body. The ideal is that they are bulky even in this part as well get comfortable and beautiful. The scarves can now be tied in so many ways. Take the scarf, fold in half diagonally so that it turn a triangle, and then tie the two ends of the neck. Another way is to fold the scarf horizontally and tie it right in the neck, so it is with a retro air.

Maxi Accessories:

To draw attention this winter, abuse of maxi earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Not all at the same time, of course! Large attachments are a great choice for the night, and can be combined with heavy and striking makeup, as calls for the station according to The maxi earrings are with everything, so if you still feel insecure to use them, the time is now. Choose a more closed and without many jewels color.Will be successful in the right!

Tartan (Plaid)

The classic Scottish style checkered prints are back, worth betting in detail with this graphics. Scarves, scarves, bags and details on the clothes, such as buttons, because they bring the pattern, which besides having a lot of style, are still the face of winter!