Decorating Books

Decorating Books
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Here I am again. Although he had not intended to do so, I have taken a few weeks of virtual rest because I really needed them. I say virtual because I’ve been doing many things; some work of greater importance to those who usually don’t have too much time to devote. I’ll show them you soon.

Decorating Books
To return to the bloggeril activity in a relaxed way, I bring a very simple DIY. So simple that it does not need nor explanation. It is decorate notebooks, tune them to our liking to make them a little more attractive. I have already mentioned once that I love all stationery items: the eyes behind folders, pens, pencils, diaries I was going… and by so-called notebooks and books of all kinds.

So based on the most simple and graceful little of them, are going to get a notebook for notes, just as useful but much prettier.

A bit of chalk paint or acrylic paint if the paper is thin and can making.

A paper that you like and completed work! That sometimes you want to do a little something so quick and resultón.

I teach a few. There is everything: rice, scrap and decopatch paper.

The course also painted back.

Os animais to decorate at a time your books and notebooks? I think that it is worth to dedicate a few minutes.

Not want to finish this post without doing something that I have pending for too long, and it is thanks enormously to two beloved blogs giving me the award:

Many thanks, Natalia and Sergio, the Lowcost by DIYblog, and Helena, of crafts h3m. It is always an immense joy to receive a prize, and more if you are from the hands of compañer@s as buen@s as vosotr@s. I thank you with all the soul, really.

I share this award with aaaaaall the blogs I follow, but the rules do not allow it, have to be only ten. I have chosen the following:

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I leave thelinks all of them so that you don’t visit them s.
And finally, the rules include the answer to 10 questions, but as it is not my intention to bore anyone, I have responded to two of the raised by each of the blogs that have awarded me.
Lowcost by the DIY:
1. who or what encouraged you to create blog?
The truth is that I dared myself. I wanted to share my work with others and be part of this world that seemed so interesting.

Can share knowledge, techniques, learn about each other… and by course, meet great people and make very good friends. The experience is being completely positive in both directions, I am delighted to have created the blog.

  1. what and how is your workplace?
    My Lair, as I call it, is actually the porch of my home. It is closed, obviously, and certainly not large. But little by little I’ve been organizing and distributing to my taste, so I have everything well-ordered and very accessible.

I have an antique desk preciooooooso with nine huge drawers and other furniture also with capacious storage shelves. I feel very comfortable, I am very happy for having given this use. And that no one touches anything, is “my place”!
H3M crafts:
1 are you or have you been self-taught in this manual work or have some kind of training?
Self-taught completely. After a long time, that I’ve attended some workshops on wood, wall paper… but I can say that everything I have it aprengraving viewing tutorials and ensa methodI and error lol.
You like to contribute and participate with your work and craft activities solidarias and otherstas ?

Of course I would like! and also, I’d love that there were many initiatives of this type. I think tod@s us volcaríamos in them and would work great.

Now yes, I say goodbye for today. It is a joy to be back!