Vintage Jewelry Designs

Vintage Jewelry Designs
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Delicate Jewelry design for small magpie

Jessica Gerber is a young artist with attention to colors, shapes, details, and high-quality materials.

Vintage Jewelry Designs

It produces very soft and feminine jewelry lovingly handmade. And if just not gold and silver working on their sweet illustrations are refined.

The goldsmith and Illustrator have his own Studio in the beautiful Thuringian town in which she devoted their creative work under the name of town Elster.

I got these chains on Jessica’s stand at the designers’ open discovered by 2015. How many of her works are very slender.

A Suit Vintage Beads Geometric Handbag Pendant Necklace And Earrings For Women

What is the artistic direction?

There are so many reasons why people decide against a “normal” Office job and a path in the artistic direction. It is not only a bold move, but also a way of self-realization.

“I knew very early, I want to see a product at the end of the day.” It appreciates the designer to create things with their hands. This makes them now 2 1/2 years in their own shop, and the step into self-employment seems absolutely to pay off.

So, the jewelry design is but a wonderful profession, to create new objects that make others even smile in the face with his hands.

Weimar is in itself already as a magical city. There is the great poet of Schiller and Goethe, who magically attract people and their aura still dominates the town.

The world famous Weimar Bauhaus and the associated University that has a great tradition in the education of important artists, are also the best reasons, many to make a pilgrimage to Thuringia.

Thanks to the central location of their studios in this city so popular by tourists, Jessica seems to have found a great place, to free your creativity and your jewelry design.

Find your own style

Jessica’s style has evolved over the course of time. The ideas seem downright to simmer, “My head is never silent”. But she admits that it can be also a burden because it is often restless as a creative person.

If she is working on a piece, she has sometimes a direct vision of the result. For other objects, it starts easily and looks like it is developed in the course of time.

Jessica thinks life is just too short to limit them in a certain style. She loves to experiment with shapes and colors.

If I slightly longer consider me your jewelry, I find some similarities: the tenderness, the delicate, and feminine. Classic forms such as crosses or balls mixed with extraordinary, asymmetric figures.

There also many of their favorite works have become. And so it’s hard sometimes to dispose these ultimately to the customers. “You know just how much work put in it!”

Through their joy on trying out, she speaks a large audience with their work. Opulent rings are particularly popular, for example, for older women, the delicate pieces and bright pastel colors are very popular with the young ladies.

Not only have the women got their money, there with her to purchase also handmade cufflinks for the gentleman.

Enchanting illustrations, also very bright, colorful, love of detail and painted in a watercolor style, meet the taste of both sexes that certainly.

Upcycling with trinkets

Jessica produces smaller collections but also unique pieces, if you time a special jewelry item about the way tumbles. As a base, she uses most precious metals. High quality is it particularly important to her.

The Designer places great importance in her jewelry design, to work with German companies and small labels from the environment together. Also she loves the Upcycling and so called “Remains eaters”.

So the jewels only in small quantities are produced some exist only once. For example, the French shape Collection, which boasts with golden highlights in combination with soft pastel colors I liked especially.

I’m absolutely impressed by Jessica’s jewelry. So much love, work and heart trouble in their pieces, the happy customer has something like this long!

Win a handmade piece of jewelry by town elster

Jessica has provided a wonderful gift for a raffle.

The silver chain “Golden dot” is adorned with a small gold ball. It is a beautiful and high-quality highlight for everyday use as well as for a very special occasion.

The winner, as well as a wide participant will receive also a pin up calendar of sunshine photo theme. Taste: there is also a picture of my first shoots. :))

Calendar jewelry design

If you want to participate, you must only the Facebook post and the pages like, and also tell in a comment, whatever the occasion you would prefer wearing the thing.

Whether to the tea parties with your favorite friends, or should it be a surprise gift for your girlfriend, I’m excited!

The winner will be announced on the 1st advent.

I wish you much success!

If you want to look into it in the nest of the town Elster, you can find them in the 30 Washington roads in Weimar. It is along to their site and the shop with other great pieces.

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