Design Suspension Lamps

Design Suspension Lamps
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Your living room needs a whip? Your kitchen feel too bland? Transform your space into décor tendency in him offering a lamp mode! To choose from, it’s easy: draw among our top 10 must have for this season! And presto, your room becomes hype!

Design suspensions for connected spaces

Essential, design and sculptural forms suspensions dress décor. transform your dining room in glamorous piece thanks to the suspension of Ties. With its interlacing, she draws a metal band and brings a couture ultra contemporary and chic touch. Focus on the effects of relief and materials with the suspension Vallois. Silhouette trend and its beautiful 50 cm diameter allow it to fit into any Interior to provide a super modern look.
Sober and original at the same time Anderson suspension is maintained by a hook Pavilion. It’s the detail that makes all the difference! Finally, the black Nilo suspension embodies the quintessence of the vintage ! A look of great finesse for an indisputable elegance. It’s the suspension certainly in tune with the times.

Graphic and colorful spirit for trend glass lamps

Zoom in on the glass and the trend Color block. According to toughestflashlights, the lamps play with this material to unveil new forms, pledge of a hyper modern render seamlessly. Esteban and Diego lamps reveal a basic color glass, fitting with the hue of the Lampshade in white, red, grey, or purple for a chic and timeless look.
Ilona and cylinder surf on their side on the trend 100% glass lamps and fun playing the hijacking with surprising forms of container, bottle or vase, for a result very hype.

Design forms for lamps ‘hype ‘.

Treat yourself to a light sculpture for your home boost. This is the credo of the lamps to the said graphics. Example with the lamp Andrei: its sculptural and openwork form will be a centerpiece of your atmosphere. As for Alicia and Anatys lamps, they say their design look with legs to the futuristic and sleek lines. For a lamp stack in tune with the times with its look of wandering, bet on the lamp Tobi. Easy to live, it is ideal for the young and trendy interiors.