Differences Between the Little Black Dresses of Yesterday and Today

Black dress is one of the great classics in our locker room is a basic that we can get a trouble in any occasion. Today there are even people who sew them to machine, a friend of mine has a overlock machine and works real wonders. But we focus on the article that we have here, what are the differences between the little black dresses of yesterday and those of today? Let’s see it!

Little black dresses of yesterday

The vintage black dresses yesterday used elegant materials such as cotton, lace, tulle and silk. In the 40-50-60 years appeared the synthetic material that became much more affordable black dresses to the female population.

In the 1920s, Chanel popularized the black dress to his knees. At the end of the 40 Christian Dior as anargco and it widened, but with the advent of the miniskirt in the 60s we would see to shorten these dresses skirt above the knees.

As for supplements, the dresses yesterday black were used to supplement with pearls, Peter Pan collars, ties and belts.

Little black dresses today

As we have said nothing more start, black dress is considered an must in the female wardrobe. These dresses today tend to be short, always above the knee (unless you go to a celebration where we need a long dress). Today the little black dresses are presented in a variety of shapes and sizes, and there is high demand in the marked vintage of this type of dresses inspired by previous decades. We can see some black dresses images in Summerdressesstore specializing in women’s summer dress.

In regards to the add-ins that are used with the little black dresses, we must bear in mind that many designers follow the wake of the “less is more”.

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