English House for Sure

English House for Sure
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With a vintage aesthetic and with a certain rustic look we found this House in England full of beautiful details. The Lady of the House owns the shop Gardener and Cook, the House is Victorian style, the exterior hides your who came the impressive interior with you will come across.

Wherever you look there is something you want to play and that I would take to your own home. It is rare to find images of English houses out there, but when we found as in the case of this is a unique experience.

They usually have extremely typical décor, with unique pieces and that in no way resemble those Victorian homes of old movies where they are usually crowded and dark. The room still has pieces of the past as the stove and the sink in the corner.

The fireplace is turned off and is used as a sideboard of objects. The top of the big white Cabinet was used to expose the wicker baskets and the game of old bottles. At the foot of the bed a great box supports the books and aid in linen storage.

The other rooms are definitely of the children, the first is a mix of new and old, the bed’s iron and old, decorated with pillows as well. The second bedroom has a more romantic and feminine.

In the dining room the table have varied models of chairs, which back today. Finally the kitchen is a dream, with the brick-shaped tiles, and shelves that leave the dishes on display.