Essential Pieces to the Wardrobe of Pin-Ups This Winter

Essential Pieces to the Wardrobe of Pin-Ups This Winter
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The Brazilian winter officially arrives on the day June 20, but the low temperatures gave the guys in some parts of the country, such as South and Southeast. With that in mind, we select 13 essential parts for the Pin-Ups who want to escape the cold in style this winter. Let’s check it out?


Overcoats, coats, trench-coats, no matter the denomination, the important thing is that this is a vital piece to keep us warm during the freezing temperatures of winter. Available in different colors and modeling, more acinturados models are the face of the Pin-ups and look great over dresses or blouse and skirt ensembles. Colors like black and cream are true wild cards for those who don’t want to bet on many parts.


Winter is a great time to take the jackets of the closet. Is the traditional black leather model, one of the favoured by lovers of the 50s fashion, as in other prints and patterns. Jackets are great requested to superimpose a more stripped down, you can come together with various parts, such as pants, skirts, dresses, etc. The more curtinhas are great for ball models, while the longer go well with pencil and capri pants high waist.


Perfect for use on mild days, turning quite a summer look, the cardigans are indispensable in the wardrobe of Pin-up Girls. Worth betting on smooth models in varied colors and combine with patterned dresses, or even have embossed or embroidered cardigans for use as the centerpiece of a look, with matching pants or skirt.


Winter is a great time to abuse the looks with pants, since the part protects the legs from the cold, in addition to being super stylish. Worth betting on more free models inspired in 40 years or more justinhas pants which refer to 50 years. Jeans, Plaid, linen … the important thing is the high waist.


Another indispensable piece to have pin-up style this winter are long sleeve shirts. Can be used inside of skirts, pants or tied on the outside, are democratic super parts and look good on everyone. Worth investing in more neutral, like jeans, plaid or plain, and also some more elaborate piece, like the western shirts that bring embroidery and unusual colors.

Long sleeve dresses

Pin-up worth its salt does not relieve a good ball dress, even in winter. The silver lining is that it is possible to bet on long-sleeve models, and stay warm and stylish even in low temperatures. Plain or patterned, worth opt for fabric covered models or grossinho since dresses tend to be cooler parts. For valuing (and heat) even more visual, bet on a tutu for fullness in the skirt.


You certainly have a blouse or turtleneck dress (or turtle) retired in your wardrobe. Because not everyone remembers, but this was super modeling used in the years 50 and 60. Therefore, this is another possibility for this winter of Pin-ups. Abuse!

Velvet parts

Is due in a fabric that has more the face of winter than velvet. For decades, he is known for your shine and softness, and is still a great ally for the colder days. Fabric perfect for Pin-ups seeking sophisticated party clothes and warm. Bet on darker shades and storm!



In addition to protect little fingers from the cold, gloves ensure a special charm to the look of a Pin-up, especially during the winter. And can be used in different colors and fabrics, it’s worth betting on shorts models in daytime looks, while the preference for the longest is to be used in nightly events. Is leather or wool, your choice and enjoy!


Other accessory darling of Pin-ups and that can not miss this winter are the socks. In addition to warm up your legs for the low temperatures, they ensure a special charm to the visual. Since the classic Dragnet and scratches behind, until the fun printed, with balls, cherries, skulls, and the like, are essential parts to compose the various visuals with dress or skirt.


The sky is the limit when the subject are vintage hats. During the years 40 and 50, many models were used as adornment for the head of the women. Today, who adopts the retro usually bet on impressions, models, fascinators pillboxes, floppies, among others. Fancy and small and simple models, hats are definitely winter’s face of the Pin-ups!


Accessory that can be used year-round and found in different colors and fabrics, scarves also combine very well with winter of the Pin-ups. Super versatile, the piece can be used to terminate a hairstyle, cover your ears, tied at the neck, or even more loose, just to protect from the cold. Just use your creativity!


If the idea is to stay warm and still give that glamorized in visual, don’t be afraid to bet on shawls. Obviously, these days, is no longer necessary to use animal skin (as it used to be something super desired) and there are synthetic fabrics that mimic these materials. So, go ahead this winter!

What play can not miss in your wardrobe this winter?