Eye-Friendly Makeup: Blue Eyes

Eye-Friendly Makeup: Blue Eyes
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When you make your eye makeup, you should always consider your eye color when choosing the makeup. With blue eyes, most of all soft shades harmonize.

Blue eyes are often paired with blond or strawberry hair as well as with a bright skin color. For this reason, do not use too dark colors when applying eye vintage makeup. According to THENAILMYTHOLOGY.com, because they distract too much from the blue of the eyes and make them look too heavily painted. The brighter the eyes, the more discreet they should be painted. With dark blue eyes and a dark complexion, the eye make-up can be a little more powerful.

Light Blue Eye Makeup

If you want to make very bright blue eyes, you should choose a bright pink or orange. Even peach, beige or a light gold shimmer underline light blue eyes wonderfully and harmonise with pale skin and blond hair. Green or blue shades, on the other hand, tarnish the colour of the eyes and should not be used.

Eye  vintage Makeup For Dark Blue Eyes

To put dark blue eyes in the right scene, you can choose the same colors that are suitable for light blue eyes. However, the shades can be a little more saturated. Earthy shades of brown, coral or even a dark grey let the eyes shine. They work harmoniously in combination with a dark complexion.

Putting Eyes In Scene

Whether you make light blue or dark blue eyes, the look becomes particularly radiant when you apply black or grey mascara. In large eyes, you can also draw a dark eyeliner on the upper and lower lashes. A Kajal or eyeliner is particularly well suited for this. If you have slightly smaller eyes, it is advisable to apply a light eyeliner on the inner lash edge. This magnifies the eye visually. You can put highlights by applying a light shade below the eyebrows and making the moving lid in a darker shade matching your complexion and eye color.