Fairytale Wedding Dresses

Fairytale Wedding Dresses
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I love fairy tales. That’s why I also love the new autumn collection 2017 by Francesca Miranda. When I found this talented Latin American designer, I realized that I had to show it to you. The incredible details of the  vintage wedding dresses that immediately put you in a fairytale world are just too beautiful. But let’s start from the beginning.

Francesca Miranda is originally from El Salvadore, but creates her incredible bridal in her studio in Colombia. In her everyday life she can be inspired by her surroundings and the old traditions of craftsmanship. Francesca Miranda also respects the indigenous aesthetics of Native peoples from Latin America. Her flair for style is surpassed only by her inimitable creativity, which has given us the grandiose autumn collection 2017.

Francesca Miranda creates fairytale  vintage dresses with fantastic details

Every model of the fall collection 2017 by Francesca Miranda sparks an incredible sense of romance. The inspiration of the fairy tales is found in the teasing hints and accents on the bodices as well as on the skirts. The designer works in this collection with a lot of tulle and light, transparent fabric layers. According to weddingSupplyChain, this gives the  vintage wedding dresses a playful flair that reminds me of fairies and princesses from a fairytale country.

In addition to a selection of different fabrics, the colour scheme also plays a role in the collection. White dresses meet on add blue and elegant gold. The patterns of the colour applications are shaped by flowers and are realized by lace. What I’m in love with right here are the little details that make a bridal gown just special.

The hand-embroidered butterflies that cover the Tüllröcke and bodice over and over are a unique masterpiece. Together with the carefully placed bead accents and the French lace applications, Francesca Miranda has created true fairy-tale dresses. The silhouettes of the models are just as different as the  vintage dress accents. In addition to classic sweetheart cut-outs and designs with thin straps, we also see high-closed models with a dreamlike back-neckline or long lace sleeves with transparent bodice. Let yourself be enchanted by the fall collection 2017 and always remember: we all write our own fairy tale.

Photos of Francesca Miranda. You can find more great designers on our wedding blog.