Fashion Fair: The Bread and Butter of 2012

Fashion Fair: The Bread and Butter of 2012
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Today on the last day of this wonderful show still the bread and butter, short BBB, was on (it and Floris van Bommel had loaded Levi) – tradinionell a highlight during fashion week.

Maker Karl Heinz Müller knows just how to keep the fashion people at whim; an awesome mixed exhibition, much for the eye and a colourful programme of fashion fun is finished. Many other fashion week events could orientate it…

However, it is not recommended to go on the very last day to the BBB – many left already, there was early optimism and those who were still there, looked from the many fashion week parties plenty ver feiert. Therefore it is worth to travel up there earlier anyway. For one, it has the advantage that you do not miss many shows, and on the other hand there are several cheap flights and hotel rooms.

The audience here is always very international, mainly Italians and Scandinavians arriving. On the BBB, you can see the hippest and most beautiful people during fashion week, and that without the legal self representation of many (wannabe) – hipster.

No wonder on the bread and butter is, after all, also to the business and not only to the see and, especially seen in many other MBFW events, and so the labels send their best people. The bread and butter is a must in any case. This time could be admired again countless labels and accessories. Highlight; a real ice rink at Tommy Hilfiger, in the middle of the old ex-airport Tempelhof.

In the summer, the show tops again even, because then there’s also the outdoor area where always holiday atmosphere, with integrated pool in which eg models splashing. Definitely glad that the BBB again returned from Barcelona to Berlin, this time the visit was worth it again.