Fashion & Fashion News in April 2013

Fashion & Fashion News in April 2013
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And Wham! Since he is already again past April. And so it is for us again together with you surprise a look at our statistics to throw and us to let what themes probably best arrived at you.

Clearly on number one of the most popular article in April our competition was of course, where’s a mega Samsung 9 series laptop to win. With more than 500 participants in a contest, it was one of the most popular contests of all time on the fashion Insider. Let’s see whether we can soon get Samsung as partner in the boat.

Yes, ok. We love Guido Maria Kretschmer. If not, if one is honest. So it is not surprising that our report about the collection, the Guido Maria Kretschmer for our designed, accordingly often was read. So we look forward to the end of June, and we may buy some parts from the collection on eBay then 56 days finally.

Actually published our article “How to recognise Louis Vuitton Fakes?” Yes to the end of March, but nevertheless, many readers of this article come to us in our fashion magazine. If you however look at the words themselves, which enter many of the visitors, before they end up with us, so you can see also that unfortunately quite a few of them just looking are a way to order Louis Vuitton Fakes.

Of course the looks from the editors were also in demand. So we had above all a cool Mini Cooper by Carfrogger Jeans-Look at us in April, of the enthusiastic. But the neon-metallic look, the G-LAB collection, the Tied-Up! Flying and the black & white look of Kiomi arrived well. For the first time we have for our Kids area a private shoot organized and could imagine the spring collection of Ticket to Heaven.

DaWanda together with the fashion school ESMOD team also had organized a beautiful event and so charming young models presented the fashion collection “vintage Couture redesigned”, which developed jointly by DaWanda & ESMOD from second hand clothes been is.

The new brand Junarose and Jacqueline de Young, which we have introduced to you in January, now officially go on sale at the start and were therefore also for many interested readers.

The legendary electric boys by Daft Punk publishing on May 17 Yes her new Studio album random access memories and therefore PR moderately already neatly glow above. Last highlight was the cooperation of Daft Punk and Saint Laurent Paris.

Then let’s hope that finally the spring final prevails, so that we eingrooven the summer clothes Finally, can!

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