Fashion Trends in Gold Jewelry for Spring Summer 2013

Fashion Trends in Gold Jewelry for Spring Summer 2013
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After in terms of jewelry in recent years that ‘less is more’ toes was, it will be 2013 glamorous – what is perhaps also the fashion guru of Harald Gloockler represented in the media.

The current trends and their origins
Is clearly visible, that used the cheapest fashion jewelry manufacturer newly interpreted the highest quality models in sheet metal and glass beads; Today, however, even the best goldsmiths from the low-cost trends inspiration. As the flashy, shiny, glistening look in the cheap range has independent ex-such that real gold jewelry will also demand in these eye-catching designs.

The trend to put together the favorite jewelry from single elements themselves, had its beginnings in the low-cost sector. Now there are a wide variety of gold jewelry elements beyond, as evidenced, for example, charms bracelets or a sophisticated chain.

Gold hits on other elements
A propos combinations: earlier it was unthinkable to combine precious metals with stone, wood, glass or horn – today but hardly a designer shies away still. On the contrary, the spring and the summer 2013 present a variety of the finest versions of these materials.

So no fear of great jewelry: The material combination creates a sweet playful eye-catcher, which is not too sexy. So may real gold jewelry again in the Office, and of course also in the evening in the Club.
Also the “Golden” vintage look, so chains, bracelets or even brooch forgotten in the closet long is great. Because in this spring, that pastel colors in vogue again are, a mix of materials with gemstones such as turquoise or real jade is wonderful.

The gentle side of the precious metal
As the garments and accessories of the next season in velvety-soft and earthy shades, yellow gold and Rose gold are especially in demand. Who would like to get a little loose change for the new acquisitions, can currently benefit from the high price of gold. About provider such as or the website can be very simply sell old unused gold jewelry.

Because finally, emphasizes the delicate, feminine side on every woman Rosé gold and can be processed to a dreamy piece of jewelry with fine beads and other items. And also the women who wear prefer simple jewelry, will be 2013 done by Rosé gold in the jewelry and fashion season because already alone considered radiates this delicacy for themselves.

In short, Real gold shows in the spring of 2013, its bright beautiful and female and seductive side. So how about a search for new favorite pieces?