Find Out What Trend in Sunglasses

Find Out What Trend in Sunglasses
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Choose a model that protects you from the sun’s rays and leaves you beautiful

They adorn the face of most and exist in various colors and designs. But the sunglasses are not only useful for completing the look, they are very useful for eye protection. The glasses should block at least 70% of UVB light and 60% of UVA light. A 98% protection against both types of radiation is ideal.
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The sun’s rays increase the chances of developing cataracts, skin cancer of the eyelids and retinal degeneration. Excessive exposure to lightning in a short period of time can cause keratitis, a type of corneal burn, which causes pain, redness and tearing. That is why protection is so important.
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Once you have already made sure that the store you intend to buy your vintage sunglasses from only sells products with protection, it comes time to choose the model. Most of the time a beautiful glasses helps to compose look, but beware, it is always important the accessory match with your style (no use having a fashion glasses if your closet is classic) and with your face type.
According to the image consultant, Ingrid Sauer, round faces call for more square frames and lining up the face. The ovals combine with all formats, the squares should use rounder frames and those of “aviator style”. Those who have elongated faces should prefer sports models or larger ones, which soften this characteristic.
Also according to Ingrid, the skin color should also be taken into account when you choose a model. Light skins require darker frames, and darker skins require lighter frames to cause a contrast.

“What’s new for 2011 is the retro style glasses,” says the consultant. The “kitten” model with the raised outer sides, typical of the 1950s, is on the rise. Below is a Dior model.
Other trends are:
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Models with rounded frames with vintage inspiration, such as the Armani and Marc Jacobs models (photos below).
The “aviator” style – which remain fashionable. The photo below shows the Rayban model.
The “butterfly” model, with the wings looking like butterflies wings, are also making the girls’ heads (photo Prada).
Nothing overly exaggerated sizes, the fashion are the medium and small frames. “The colorful frames comes with everything, especially in the colors purple, yellow and orange. Between the lenses, the light brown gradient shades and the mirror ones will be very successful, especially in the “aviator” models, confirms Ingrid. “Dark glasses combine with several occasions. But the colored frames are more used on the beach, in the city the frames in the colors golden and brown gain more followers, “he advises.

Chilli Beans is launching a line of glasses in partnership with Alexandre Herchcovitch:dark glasses with frames that imitate wood. The glasses can cost up to $ 228. Reproductions of natural textures are another trend of the fashion world.