From Cardigan is a Sweater

From Cardigan is a Sweater
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After you have a few weeks ago my cardigan in the West look showed, I show you today the sweater, which are actually incurred nähmäßig and head excessively. Because this Cardigan was the beginning and the proof that I can tinker a dress cut with a good template cope me even.

The template was again the  from creative laboratory Berlin*. But actually I have changed so much at the intersection, which is actually no longer recognizes him. But I promise, armholes and sleeves are definitely from the cut.  Although, the sleeves I have also vigorously extended … haha.

But in fact it was really quite simple. First, I’ve just drawn a new cut. And I have lengthened the front and back, have changed the placket and pockets marked the brand new. I determined at the end when trying on the position. Total Easy and I was mega excited about the result. I really think the sweater to be proud of!

But not only the cut was an experiment, some wondering determined my choice of material. But so not my color. Yes, I’ve tried with beige times. A great knit fabric of Evli’s Needle. And since I know that always wants everything Stitched also have my mom, there was the same sweater for her for Christmas. So according to the motto: Look Mom, what I sewed me. Schick or? Is practically, that Santa Claus has already thought. It worked!


Only I have to say that as a beige sweater now but does not fit all. I wear really like a black outfit. But otherwise the retro sweater makes my outfits but simply colorful. But hey, that’s just saying that I still urgently need to sew a jacket in black. Total logical.

And what do you say so to my (gelungenem) project? Playing with colors is really fun. Will probably happen more often now. So, buy fewer cuts and work there with the. I’m curious …

Greetings and see you soon,
your Svenja


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Edit (02/23/2016): I have quite forgotten that my cardigan sweater as quite wonderful for J in February fits of # 12lettersofhandmadefashion… nee nee nee The J incidentally Laura from Blogdaydreamer drawn…