Germany’s First ShirtMob at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin

Germany’s First ShirtMob at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin
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ReShirt and beyond Berlin present the very first ShirtMob in Berlin on Friday, April 27, 2012 at 17: 00 at Alexanderplatz. ShirtMob stands for the combination of T-Shirts and Flash mob and initiates as possible to gather so many people sharing their shirts in public.

Involves while more than a pure ‘swap’ or Exchange action. Not only the T-Shirt, but also the accompanying story is passed on the spot. So pieces erzahlende old T-Shirts in stories are transformed and newly upgraded.

The T-Shirt is to “Re-Shirt”. Eric from pot sadhana by ReShirt: “water is required for the production of cotton of T-shirt up to 10,000 litres. At the same time, the most T-Shirts are unused in the closet. With re-shirt, we have created a high-quality system, to get these T-Shirts in the circuit. The most ecological clothes are the ones that are already in circulation.” Re-shirt was launched several years ago by the international network of shapeshifters in life and was until now the most resonance in the United States.

The event was organized via social networks. The bustling Alexanderplatz will serve as a venue selected to contrast between consumer society and social recycling to emphasize. “This ShirtMob should be of course fun,” explained Frans Prins beyond Berlin, “We invite the fashionistas of the world, to make and share a crazy shirt. Vintagetausch instead of shopping rush.”

WHEN? Friday, April 27, 2012 at 17: 00
WHERE? Alexanderplatz Berlin, between Saturn and world clock