Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic

Glashütte Original Sixties Iconic
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It is stained in Glashütte. Vintage is generally with many manufacturers the next popular as never chases a heritage collection. Also the Glashutte factory provides a tribute and pays homage to the colorful 1960s with a special collection.

This consists of five colorful and cool watches in the style of the 60s by Glashütte original.

Glashütte original sixties iconic collection-here in Sunset red. © Szk³a original GmbH

Mid-1960s the VEB Glashütter uhrenbetriebe (GUB) launches a wristwatch, which should become a real icon in the GDR: the Spezimatic. The estimated today collector’s item, which is presented for the first time in 1964, belongs to the most famous creations of the PDO.

The automatic clock series with the calibers of 74 and 75, made between 1964 and 1979, produces a variety of variants that are all characterized by their reliability and their elegant design and are very soon style icons of their time. The colourful design of the 60s can be found also on the dials of the Spezimatic. Red sixties, Golden, sixties sixties Sixties Grey, Aqua and Sixties Brown are the choice for the new collection of glassworks.

All five models offer a Dégradé effect on the dial, which results in a complex process in the factory own dial production in Pforzheim, Germany. In this process, the dials are first galvanised and then painted by hand in several passes. Following a more paint is applied with a special spray gun carefully on a part of the dial – depending on the angle, so a completely individual color gradient, the so-called Dégradé effect that makes every clock unique is created by the spray technique. In addition, three of the five models offer a Sunray-brushed, even deepened the optical effect.

The models are presented in rounded stainless steel housings by 39 mm in diameter and are each equipped with a matching Louisiana alligator leather strap: Brown for the models with red and brown dial, black with gold and turquoise dial or blue models for models with silver-coloured dial.

The automatic calibre 39-52 with a power reserve of 40 hours is used as a movement.

The price-and here comes the trap, which ensures a hard landing: 6,300 Euro cost the timepiece. More than 12,000 German mark are in Deutsche mark-which I still increasingly foresee than me-And it provides for a stainless steel watch, the only three pointer. Tidy money-is combined with the danger to lose interest beforehand with the colorful colors.