Good Reasons to Wear Heels

Good Reasons to Wear Heels
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British doctors recommend that older women to wear high heels to improve balance and reduce the danger of falling announced. “Daily Mail” quoted by BTA.

The largest share of deaths from accidents for people over 75 years due to the fall. Older people often fall startling. This happens every third person over 65 years. Especially dangerous is the fall for women because two-thirds of them have osteoporosis. The deterioration of the balance begins before the age of 40 years because of reduced communication between muscles and the brain. Another risk factor for the drop is the reduction of muscle mass and a number of diseases.

High heels in retro style maintain a sense of balance. Most are thin and the surface of the foot is very small. It is therefore necessary to better sense the movements of different body parts to each other. More actively involved and muscles. Another effective means of maintaining a sense of balance in older people are ballroom dancing. They are practically exercise in vintage high heels.

In keeping balance the brain processes information from many different areas – eyes, muscles center of balance in the ear. If a woman stop wearing heels as vintage shoes, her sense of balance is deteriorating, said Christopher Walker of the University Hospital in Liverpool. When pain in the feet heels however is better to not higher than 5 cm. After a week of flu and bedsores, shoes with flat soles are better solution. Over the years the muscles slowly recovering from a period of inactivity. It is necessary to pass at least one week.

Women who want to continue to wear high heels despite the years, it is better to do exercises and to move to keep their muscles. The motion is adopted and the ordinary walk or move from one foot to the front counter. This exercise muscles and ensures stability of the joints. Other doctors, however, are strongly opposed heels over 5cm because they shorten the muscle fibers of the calf and thickened ligaments of the ankle.