Graphic Lighting Effects

Graphic Lighting Effects
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Such glittering jewelry, mirrors and reflections sparkling effects dress effect glossy silver lamps. A silver metal finish ideal for make vibrate the lighting and create new light games. The festive atmosphere and fairy are at the make you with our 6 lamps chrome silver and fantastic shopping!

Graphic light effects for openwork chrome lamps

These lamps offer ideals openwork diffusers to create unusual light effects accentuated by the mirror finish. She would wake a key graph and ultra modern classic consoles! The Capucine lamp with its Lampshade design composed of interlaced version chrome metal slats broadcasts worked lighting and original light effects.
Stainless steel and elliptical line perfect for applies here in chrome finish. She will brighten your walls with a direct and indirect light like a jewel wall. With his power of 60W, it broadcasts a generous and sculpted lighting .
Outside the norm, the suspension glow impresses: 120 cm in height, its Assembly of geometric shapes form a sparkling inverted pyramid. This multitude of facets openwork and chrome are all shimmering surfaces that play with light.
A look ruffled and original to the Lotus suspension. Such an Oriental flower reversed, it reveals fine and curved chrome slats that protect and surround the bulb. A mind at once poetic and vintage and design!

Sparkling dresses for a 100% glossy effect

Some lamps have a wide and generous silver broadcaster to give life to particularly elegant fixtures. Look vintage and dress silver for suspension Passion, very current. Its originality is based on its silver glass diffuser. Brilliance and subtlety that plays with once-lit transparency effects.
Purified and trend, the suspension Dome presents half a perfect sphere. Chrome version, she brings a sophisticated and minimalist touch to a décor. Like a mirror, the décor is reflected on the diffuser. It also welcomes a reflector metal chrome on the inside of the dome. It is available in diameter 36 cm or 50cm. Do not hesitate to choose the big version size above a table dining room or a coffee table for a decorative effect guaranteed.