Hairdresser the Room. Albacete (Could Live in It!) • the Room Hair Salon. Albacete (I Could Live There!)

Hairdresser the Room. Albacete (Could Live in It!) • the Room Hair Salon. Albacete (I Could Live There!)
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Sorry I’m late for my appointment today, but I still have “hangover” of 1,672 kilometers, or in other words, 15 hours and 33 minutes non-stop driving solo marqué I Friday and Saturday to attend a couple of unmissable. Yes, I’m so glad I did, for the wonders and people who have been able to live / see / know, I’m here with a lot of pictures of the first destination of my trip: Hairdressing The Room in the city of Albacete. When Ruth and contacted me months ago to tell me the idea I had in my head, I found it great. And is that, although in principle The Room was to be a hairdresser setin the “salons smoking” Englishmen, when Ana Study Esc, signing the interior design project put Ruth on the trail of a hairdresser I had published in Vintage & Chic few days before the crush was instant, so both got down to work to give you this hint … (here need help define the style) … as “Ruth” to space, because although the idea is based on the design of the hairdresser who saw the blog, the final itself space, and the personal touches provided by the furniture, lighting and art exhibition of paintings and wall of the entrance give a unique feel to the business. · After a trip of 1,672 kilometers from north to Spain crossing southeast past Friday and Saturday in Original (i went alone so I have to drive more than 15 hours, counting non-stop), I’m back home with my camera Filled With photos and things to share with you. So let’s get started with this amazing hair salon in Albacete featuring some vintage pieces of furniture restored by me in the V & C atelier and inspired in esta hair salon in Toronto That I published here a few months ago …

Painted skulls with black velvet walls worn in ocher tones, a black chester in the waiting area, the large lacquered counter in black and touches of vintage furniture (old, go), where Vintage & Chic appears on stage role … Ruth chose a pair of old tables of black color and side tables in the area of hair and a dresser with mirror (coincidentally, that was the whole) also painted in black with red interior and will be used as exhibitor products. I can say that in the time I was at the hairdresser as a client saw how almost all pedestrians were standing at the window intrigued by the cabinet, a real catch-looks, and chester, to see what was in this newly conditioning Local … as a finishing touch, an old wooden pedestal (oh, I think I have the picture!) and a small bronze lamp with its display panel leopard and gold. · Black velvet skulls wallpaper, a decorated wall, a black chester couch, black furniture, some of them vintage pieces from the V & C Bazaar, treats including a beautiful antique chest-of-drawers, some bedside tables and a small bronze table lamp with an angel With an Animal print figurine shade. 

Well, this is Ruth. I want to thank publicly for the patience they had with me (multiple mishaps and stories not to sleep I’d rather save you oO) and its confidence Vintage & Chic. Oh, and let me quote great for my next trip. With so glad! customers. · And let me introduce you to Ruth, the owner of The Room, and One of These absolutely amazing and patient WHO clients always not really good news Took with a smile. Thank you, Ruth!

And I leave you with a picture of “my girl” who now lives a life style in The Room at more than 700 kilometers from his previous life … · And let me finish with a photo of one of “my babies” that now lives a stylish life more than 700k. From her former life. Not bad for an oldie, do not you think?