Have A Rockin’ Christmas – Christmas With Swing

Have A Rockin’ Christmas – Christmas With Swing
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Have A Rockin' Christmas - Christmas With Swing

Certain Things Related To Christmas

There are things related to Christmas, you do without the love. This includes the soundscape that weeks before the Festival threatening builds each year and to the musical gauntlet makes purchases or visits to the Christmas market. From pipes full of sound then “Last Christmas”, “Wonderful Dream” or equal “O Christmas tree” in the common version of several boy choirs. Fortunately, it is also different at least in your own four walls. Who would like to lay a fleet sole after the Christmas present on Christmas day, has a series of Christmas classics in the guise of rock ‘n’ roll to choose from, for example this here:

Brenda Lee – “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”

Today, the song was only 13 year old Brenda Lee is a classic. Initially it looked but more like a flop. Only 5000 discs were in 1958 by “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” sold and in the following year it was not much better. But persistence pays off sometimes, after all, Christmas is every year. Today, the leisurely swinging Christmas song with sales totaling more than 75 million is an absolute bestseller and definitely a Christmas hit of the pleasant variety. Who understands something different instead of “pumpkin pie”, by the way, is thus nothing should be placed under the little Brenda Lee not alone -.

Three Aces And A Joker – “Sleigh Bell Rock”

Significantly less well known, but also much raw as “rockin’ around the Christmas tree” is “sleigh Bell Rock” by “The Three Aces And A Joker”. The band from Utah brought the audience in local pubs in mood although for years, on plate, they pressed but only two songs in her entire career. But you have it in themselves. The single “sleigh Bell Rock” / “Booze Party” was recorded in 1959 and in 1960 published. While “sleigh Bell Rock” played at least in the local radio was, the rear has been consistently ignored. No wonder the despiser of alcohol indicated in the Mormon State of Utah the tone. In the 80s, the single was rediscovered by “The Three Aces And A Joker” and decorates today some compilation. “Booze Party” has been covered – also by a number of younger Rockabilly bands outside of Utah.

The Brian Setzer Orchestra – “Gettin’ In The Mood (For Christmas)”

A treat for all swing cats “gettin’ in the mood (for Christmas)”. The rock version of the Glenn Miller classic is the right thing to bring in the Christmas mood and forgetting for a moment that the in-laws are the public holidays in the House. Are the two albums “Boogie Woogie Christmas” and “Dig that crazy Christmas” by ex-Straycat Brian Setzerand a treasure trove for those who have no desire for ‘Silent night’ and it still somehow a little orchestral to Big Band.

Reverent Horton Heat – “Jingle Bells”

On Christmas Eve, a little more alcohol has gone after the Christmas and the festive mood is gradually overturning in party mood, then it says tie down the Christmas tree and a round through the living room pogen. For them suitable “Jingles bells” version of psychobilly veterans Reverend Horton Heat. Install before perhaps the children in bed…

Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers With Charles Brown -“Merry Christmas, Baby”

Christmas Eve is already counted and all are happy, satisfied, and happy? Then “Merry Christmas, Baby” is the perfect soundtrack for a final round on the couch or taking a NAP under the tree – in the original version of Johnny Moore’s three Blazers (1947). A number of renowned blues musicians, including pianist and singer Charles Brown here make for a relaxed after hour feeling and show your middle finger all consumer critics.
“Merry Christmas baby, I said you sure do treat me nice”
You bought all those lovely things, yeah
“I feel like I’m in paradise”