High Heels And Boots Paired With Socks

High Heels And Boots Paired With Socks
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If there is one thing with which lately have entered “fixed” are the boots with socks in sight;First I started with simple blacks socks that came from my boots and then I ventured increasingly, matching stockings glitter my wedges higher and Parisian glitter to my favorite cleavage!

In fact even in this fashion catwalk has depopulated and this winter are sure there will be a real boom of the socks “on demand”!

Have you ever thought, for example, to match the retro Ugg, boots with fur interior that have depopulated winters ago, a pair of vintage stockings super complete with reindeer embroidered on sight?

And why not combine instead these boots Sorel waterproof leather and waterproof sole complete with internal wedge, a sock in mixed wool, silk and cashmere in a color like this absolutely vintage Red Sox Appeal? Check  eHistorylib for various types of heels.

Even the classic biker boots immediately become more spiritual when combined with a pair of socks and colarate preferably spotted just like these Stance.


As regards, however, shoes are a bit ‘most elegant even on the catwalk were seen high wedges paired with colored stockings and court shoes or stiletto sandals paired with long socks until the color ankle and different materials!

My favorites are absolute socks ankle wool patterned Lurex Red Sox Appeal , excellent quality and perfect to give a touch more even in our most classic and elegant look!