History of Hair Buns

History of Hair Buns
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Over the years, buns are, come apart, and sometimes, to crêpent. Fancy a look retro, casual or slightly more chic? Back on the best buns in the history of the hairstyle.

History of Hair Buns

Fashion for several years, the bun was able to cross the times without ever taking a ride. Always topical, the bun is a never devoid of elegance, simple hairstyle. Here are the muses who wore them:

  • The bun of the 40s

Known as the goddess of love, Rita Hayworth was follower of fashion of the Victory Rolls. This true sex symbol of the 1940s hair are twisted in a twist, whose ends are looped and attached to the top of the crane.

Tips: use hairpins to fix the cable forming banana, and the spikes on the top of the crane. For a still sharper rendering, paint everything.

  • The bun of the 50s

Essential icon of the 50’s, Grace Kelly knew sublimate the twist. Her hair tied back in a ponytail, are then twisted, folded upward from the crane and attached by pins in order to recreate the “banana” the bun shape. A classier than bun, in the image of the Princess of Monaco.

Tips: for long hair, fold a second time, this time to the bottom, spikes protruding from the twist. and secure them in the twist with hairpins.

  • The bun of the 60s

In the 60’s, Brigitte Bardot adopts a new trend of bun. For this symbol of sensuality, femininity, and especially of emancipation, the Catfight is in the spotlight. A basic hair generously tied on top of the head, overhung by a soft bun, falsely neglected.

Tips: For a B.B touch, do not hesitate to let escape a few strands, or your bangs if you have one, to frame your face.

  • The bun of the 70s

Emblem of the English glamour, Jane Birkin perpetuates the bun curled in the 1970s fashion. Intentionally loose and unstructured, he lets out a few strands and dresses of a pretty rounded fringe.

  • The bun of the 80s

For Madonna, the Queen of provocation of the 80s, the trend is the asymmetric. Curled, embossed, creped everything past. Attached to the side, the Queen of pop is a bun on the top of the skull, rolled and pressed forward, while the rest of her blonde mane down his neck.

  • The bun of the 90s

In the 90s, Vanessa Paradis, recovering the Bohemian look to honor. The frenchie accessorizes his buns of pins, feathers or headbands. A low on the side, net well on straight hair bun or deconstructed on hair curly or curly accentuating more Bohemian effect.

Tips: if you are rather headband, place it on your head before you realize your bun.

  • The bun of the 2000s

In the 90’s, the most famous Spice Girl of the world, gives the classic chignon to the taste of the day. Victoria Beckham wears down, into a ball, with slicked hair on the skull.

Tips: Let out two small short strands on each side of your face for a Posh assured touch. For a cleaner ball effect, use a bun, or donut: small to mid-length hair, and superior size for long hair. Finally, if your Mane is substantial or if you wear additions, dare the XXL bun.

  • The 2010s

In the years 2010, for Marion Cotillard, the bun is retro. Rather king bed, on the back of the skull, magnified by a XXL bun. Glamorous and elegant, her bun is an accessorized jewelry.

Tips: To prevent flyaways and ensure the setting of your bun, sprinkle him with a touch of Hairspray.

  • Today

Today, the buns are with headband and jewelry (check out definitions of jewelry at digopaul.com). The image of the royal bun of the Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz, the bun is simple and is low, formed and fixed with a few pins.

Tips: this hairstyle is more suitable for the long hair. For short hair, it is possible to wrap all of the hair around your headband for a little retro glamour.

Followers of the Catfight, to your pins!