Holy Look: Inspiring Images

Holy Look: Inspiring Images
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Increasingly we pass our beliefs, customs, personality and even preferences by the way we wear, do not we?  And it seems that the”rebellious”phase of bad girls, which are often not so “bad” like that, has passed, or else they are putting aside some of this relaxation and bringing more looks with religious images or links to beliefs.

In fact, the use of these pieces in compositions for the day to day nor are they a novelty, but they begin to gain force little by little. About 2 years ago, who does not remember the fever of the crucifixes? And the T-shirts are already in the closet of many faithful long ago.

According to eJewelry, like Thássia(above) and Sabrina(below), recently more stripped-down looks, necklaces, jewelry and textured mix have gained new creative ways to be used. Why not use something new with something that we always believe, does not it? In fact, it is a piece of clothing like any other. Use without fear!

And with this, the brands believed and also made available new models with links to faith, Christ, and of various religions, as well as Dolce & Gabbana. After all, it does not matter religion, but to unite the “useful to the pleasant”and feel completely well with what you wear.

In accessories, they never go out of style. The crucifixes are just like Nati Vozza and Anna Fasano looks below.

Do you like it? I bet many of you already have something with a religious image, do not you? So let’s use a lot!

Kisses, good energies!