Home in NY Hotel Brings Together Vintage Collection

Home in NY Hotel Brings Together Vintage Collection
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The small apartment of Suzanne Lipschutz at the Chelsea Hotel seems to an allegory of this decadent icon of New York. In a building in which it’s been exponents like Bob Dylan, Charles Bukowski and Robert Mapplethorpe, among many others, the 73-year-old lady lives amid layers and more layers of vintage items.

The owner of Secondhand Rose – a famous shop for your wallpapers, and already had clients such as John Lennon and Yoko Ono – took the last 20 years to build the home consisting of Persian, Austrian pottery furniture, Tibetan side tables, Tiffany lamps with floral motifs and even some lamps made of banded, not to mention the variety of antique finishes covering the walls. Practically a return to the Decade of 1880, when the neighborhood was built.
Before attaching there, she lived with your son Luke Joerger in a series of less elaborate, not lofts in the West Village. “Everything was covered in wallpaper,” she recalls. “Many times to the floor and the furniture.” When the small grew up and went to College, she decided it was time to live in a smaller place. That’s when rented an apartment in the Chelsea Hotel, surrounded by several friends.
The first thing he did, at the time, was to get rid of walls painted in cream color, which of course have won several models of wallpaper, almost a collage, and polished panels and dark wooden doors. The kitchen cabinets and shelves 1930 won from hospitals in 1940. The creativity that beat in that House and in those hallways was enough that your son, newlywed, to move to the building with the woman. Paradise had a gun to her.
Today Ms. Lipschutz is one of the only two tenants of your floor. As the construction has to undergo reforms to adapt to new security standards, the lady has had to be relocated in an apartment downstairs. The other options were: moving from there or let the owner overhaul your property while she would live temporarily in the Martha Washington Hotel. As any of them their treasures would be safe, she chose to come down some stairs with your collection. And have you decided how the new decoration. “I have white and clear rooms. Then, I will take my beautiful objects and, as in any other of my homes, he is going to play out. “