Homes Readers: Adrian Floor and Ruben [] V & C Readers’ Homes: Adrian & Ruben

Homes Readers: Adrian Floor and Ruben [] V & C Readers’ Homes: Adrian & Ruben
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Today V & C a practical lesson in how to create a cozy, full of personality and very attractive home on a tight budget -u, how well I was I that -the lesson of the budget, entendámonos) -. Today we travel to Zamora to visit and Ruben Adrian floor. No one better than its inhabitants to tell us how decorated, in this case Reuben: “Being a rented flat not want to make a big investment in decor, so what we did was try to make our space with the resources at our disposal. The premises were re all the furniture that was in the floor which was little, and add items we had us … / … “[] Today we’re visiting the home of Adrian and Reuben, in Zamora (Spain). This is a rented apartment, So They tried to keep the decor budget as low as possible, What They did by using the furniture That was Already in the place, and mixing it With some Ikea pieces and the Most Important, by using some vintage treasures , Most of them inherited. Can not love it more. So inspiring!

… / … Change the color of the walls, reupholstered the couch and little else. We bought two new chairs and the rest upholstery update them, but they have more than 100 years were my great – grandparents. ” By the way, I loved that greeting on brown wall next to the door. [] They changed the Color of the walls, upholstered the sofa and did just a few more changes. They Also reupholstered some of the chairs, That Belonged to Ruben’s great-grandparents and bought a pair of new ones.

… / … “The trunk, the great treasure, is also inheritance, a brother of my great – grandfather who emigrated to America and brought when he came retired. I have this and another, each more beautiful, and behind them a story worthy of a movie and housed inside an album with original photos and postcards of the stunning 20s.” Yes, I know what you’re thinking … I also want one!!! [] This really is a family old trunk That piece comes from the United States, and now is used to keep vintage photos and postcards from the 20s.

I can only thank Adrian and Ruben who have yielded to my request to share his home in V & C. And it seems to me a perfect you do not need a large investment to create a personal, cozy and inviting home example. And I would like to say goodbye with a phrase that Ruben included in your mail “so with imagination, judgment and inspiration as you encourage from your blog has been the result.” Then go, do not know how glad I am to read that). I said: THANK YOU! [] I’d like to finish by Adrian thanking for sharing and Ruben Their home with us.