How, a Vintage Hairstyles Book Captured My Heart

How, a Vintage Hairstyles Book Captured My Heart
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Ich stay not far from vintage hairstyles books. This is one reason that my patience and my hair is too short for elaborate hairstyles. On the other hand, I believe that a YouTube tutorial explains the most hairstyles easier as a photo gallery. But then I got a vintage hairstyles book in hands that completely convinced me.

First the motivation, then the work

Normally I skip introductions by how to books because they are self-beweihraeuchernd and too long. But here I make an exception, because the love Sarah Wing writes so personally, so honest and so positive, that I actually get pleasure, to test the hairstyles.

She want to simplify the hairstyles of yesteryear and optimize with the tools of today. I like your attitude: “a hairstyle is in principle free of charge and a guaranteed eye catcher.” For Sarah, the hairstyle is the oldest accessory of women.

Much more than just a step by step guide

Who leafs through the table of contents, realizes immediately that he gets more here than just a guide to vintage hairstyles. Sarah Wing begins with the history of hairstyles from the 1910s to the 1960s. The following is a listing of required equipment and a proposal for the planning. According to the motto: recycling the hairstyle of the day before. This saves time and effort in the everyday life of a modern working woman.

Sarah explains how you receive the desired curls, how you styling a pony and what hairstyles you get with simple handles. The hairstyles are not a revolution, but definitely something, what is feasible with exercise for me. The history of hair color is followed by just 12 declared hairstyles. The history of hats follows after the hair colors, followed by a manual for it as her styling wipes. There is also something for hobbyists. Four instructions for homemade headwear can be found here.

Including make-up!

Who wonders what is to come now starting on page 104, who will be surprised. Because in addition to hairstyles, Sarah has also know about make up and so a detailed list follows: when were the eyes as wearing makeup? What lip shape was when modern? What were the Augenbrauchen in the 30s and how in the 40s? Rouge how told you at that time?

Even the nails are not forgotten by Sarah! For eyeglass wearers there also a small spectacles, as well as an explanation, as glasses match used as a fashion accessory to the hairstyle.

Conclusion the book vintage hairstyles

Finally, it manages to conquer my heart a hairstyles book! It tries to outdo not the 500,000 hair tutorials from YouTube, but shows background information, gives you tips and motivation.

Thank you for this really good book, much less promising than it holds! The book you can purchase by the way Here for 17 euros.