How to Be Well Looked Through Jegging Jeans?

How to Be Well Looked Through Jegging Jeans?
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To be looked at is to have a style that decoiffe, to assure every day without needing to break its piggy bank. It is knowing how to show off with the right fashion accessories and the right pieces of fabric, for example, the jean jeans.

Jegging jean: the advantages

It is possible that the term vintage jegging does not evoke you much, that it is still a term Anglo Saxon a little obscure and coming to be added to the slim, tregging, jogging, legging ….
Just remember that this is a contraction of the words jean and vintage legging.

Indeed, jegging jean has first of all the comfort of a legging. No zipper for maximum comfort, freedom of movement assured and a polyester material so elastic that adapts to all morphologies.
It is however more elaborate than a simple legging because it is akin to jeans at the visual level: a little thicker than a legging, it hides better small defects, has better outfit and pockets and apparent seams.
Existing in different colors and having a slim cut most often, it is molding like jeans.

So it’s a real pants while legging is more like a tights. The polyester is a less stiff and less heavy material than a denim jeans, so you can feel at ease while well-dressed.
In addition, the advantage of jegging jeans is to redesign the silhouette. Some cuts have tips to refine the latter: high waist for a flat stomach and a gaining effect to highlight the curves it takes. You then have a totally trendy look to affirm your femininity!

Jegging jean: different ways to wear it

Jegging jean is less binding than a legging that must be worn under a tunic, you can modulate your outfits as much as you like as with a blue jean. It is a pants in its own right and, depending on the desired result, you can create different looks.

To dance in a nightclub for example or to assert yourself in a summer dress pop, adopt the colored slim pink or turquoise models to balance with a very soft top and classic not to do too much. For a sporty look, put on a gray or blue jegging with tennis and a hoodie.
At work, according to,  instead play the BCBG card with a jeans jean of classic color (blue, black or gray), pretty pumps, a loose shirt and small jacket fitted over it. If at the end of the day you improvise a small restaurant with your half, you just need to add a nice colored saltire to your outfit to enhance it and do just a little touch-up makeup. You’re rather rock n roll? Go for jeans black jeans with high studded boots and open leather jacket on a torn tee or printed skull.
Finally, for a casual but classy look, choose a jegging of any color with black ballerinas and a very simple top.

Of course, do not forget to embellish all this with your personal jewelry and a purse or pouch according to your needs.Between look good in jegging jean is within reach of all.