How to Choose a Table Lamp for The Students

How to Choose a Table Lamp for The Students
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For the new school year, parents of schoolchildren, try it with all the necessary accessories. But in addition to notebooks, pens, pencils and textbooks is becoming an important issue, and the proper organization of the workplace. This is especially true for primary school children, who do not in a position to have to deal with such serious problems before. This table lamp is an important attribute of the workplace as adults and children alike.

But at the Bulb discord, because not all luminaires able hygiene standards to meet, affect vision: sufficient illumination of the working surface, spreads the spectrum of light, eye protection from direct light and its direction. In fact, the choice of a desk lamp should be very seriously addressed, as students spend a lot of time behind a desk and is not always possible to do lessons in natural light, and the “false” desk lamp can damage the child vision. Tips that are given in the article will tell you how to select a table lamp students.

Features Ceiling

Choosing a table lamp you to pay attention to the shape of its ceiling. Now, if there is a trapezoidal shape having the bottom narrow and wide at the edges. It is this form and provides maximum comfort for the eyes lighting. Pay attention to the color of the ceiling, which is of great importance.The bright colors is the child of the homework distracted, so the choice should stop silent on the desk lamps tones. The optimum color-green, which contributes to a positive effect on eyesight.

You can use the ceiling to cater for different materials. Choosing a plastic bowl, look at the inner surface thereof: the bulb is not resting on the walls of the ceiling and must be less than the upper limit. Otherwise, long-term use of the walls of the ceiling lighting fixtures will begin to melt, it could cause a fire. Ceiling lamp made of metal, also has its disadvantages: it is fast heat lamp. A child can get burned when it needs to implement the ceiling.

Specifications Lamp

When choosing a table lamp, a special attention should be paid to the light source. That it affect your child eyesight. Now our usual light bulbs with fluorescent lamps, the characteristics such as energy savings and less heat have replaced. But the lamp of this type is not always a good light to correspond with the sun. So the choice of a desk lamp should, which gives a comfortable soft yellow light pick, only this lamp will cost a bit more expensive.

It is better, matte light bulbs for the fixture, which is not to choose so much action on the vision.Power light bulbs should be 100W, or if you need power just below, you can simply replace the bulbs in lamps.

When choosing a lamp, and note this important point: the bulb should not extend beyond the edge of the ceiling lamp as the light that a blind child, and that is of course, has a negative impact on the vision.

To paint dim the lights also not the light bulb or any color in this case and the child’s eyes are tired in constant tension and quickly. Avoid buying lamps, which gives an unpleasant eyes flickering light.

Features Design Table Lamp

Of course, the question of the structure and the mechanical part is secondary and depends on the interior of the room, the taste of the buyer and financial performance. Choose a table lamp with a flexible tripod that you can lock the bowl for you, in a comfortable position. They are free, the illumination of the surface approaches or removing the lamp set. The higher the ceiling, the light is so bright and increases the surface of the cover.

Tripods are light wire and pivot. But the last are distinguished by their short-lived, as these “pranks” break often, especially if your child technical inclinations.

The base of the table lamp stand, should not brilliant or shiny. Since the incident light is reflected and “beat” in the eyes of a child, which created an unnecessary burden on the view. Very handy bulbs which have a screw fixing. Such a lamp is not much space, mounted on any surface and can be rotated in all directions.

It is important to understand that a reading lamp is not enough for the table the ambient light, which should not be too bright should.

Have you decided how to choose a table lamp for the students? Then forward to the store! Treat your little genius!