How to Choose a Tablecloth

How to Choose a Tablecloth
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Cover – based on the settings of the table, but not limited to its decoration, as many cover – based on the settings of the table, but not limited to its decoration, as many tablecloth dining or banquet table you need to know what material might be, what size and shape required.
Generally, each element of tableware has a feature. Its three covers:

Aesthetic – no cover looks goals and not so elegant;
cover mutes the sound of cymbals and instruments counter (no noise during meals is considered bad manners);
Cover reduces sliding plates on the table.
Today, the stores offer ready-made kits of blankets. Classic material for them – linen and cotton plat. No this rugged and dense fabric is easy enough. It is desirable for the table to acquire tablecloths, fabric containing mixed synthetic fibers – is more practical.

What Form Should Be Cover

The main forms used in vintage tablecloths are: oval, round, rectangular to adhere to the rules of selection of covers form.  Use a logical approach tablecloth oval, but in the absence of such a rectangle -oval table.
Round table – is permissible to use a square table cloth, but the more appropriate round.
Rectangular table – the best choice to be rectangular tablecloth.
Square table – square cover.

What Size to Choose?

Ready tablecloths of the most common sizes: 130 × 160, 130 × 230 cm (rectangular tables) and 130 × 150, 160 cm in diameter (round tables set).

However, it is often so he bought the tablecloth is not suitable for mass – size panels do not have clear standards, the height. Why most sensible way – to sew the cloth after removing the necessary measurements.

General rule for determining the amount of cloth according to the rules of etiquette, the length of the tablecloth descending tops should not exceed 15-25 cm. For example, the size of the tablecloth serving square table 1 × 1 m from 150 x 150 cm. Serve a rectangular table sizes 1.3 × 1 × 6, 180 m-210 cm. The golden rule of table manners reads better than the fabric is too long than a little bit.

But this is not prestigious restaurants, according receptions and other celebrations with a high level of service to the mass of the table have not decided to make a retro tablecloth and cloth, or muleton called tread, unlike smart upper sewn only one type of fabric – cotton cloth or bluish white. He is small in size – closes the board and the length of descent is equal to the thickness. Every corner of the cloth to sew two ribbons that she tied to the legs of the table – do not be  out. It is designed to protect panels from mechanical damage, exposure to high temperatures or accidental spills.

Another option – cloth-toppers of contrasting color fabric that stretches over the main tablecloths and serve not only for decorative purposes but also to protect the main tablecloth.

How to Choose the Color?

Speaking of color, white tablecloth is still out of competition for the table, but only at solemn official holidays. Of course, she looks very elegant, but too much trouble, because if there is at least one bright spot cloth used already obscenely. In addition white linen quality starch must not dried after washing and ironing, without stretching.

Social events mass is the most appropriate colored vintage tablecloths: they are practical, but also bright and vibrant colors cheer, a feast additional char. Colours can be any, but it is necessary to comply with one condition: the tablecloth should be harmony with the color of the dishes.

Materials of Cover

Modern market offers to show imagination and instead of the usual linen and cotton used for tablecloths of unconventional fabrics and material. It may be gas, brocade, silk lining and even faux fur with a little nap. If the question is too narrow (usually the width of the fabric 90 or 150 cm), you can stitch together two lanes.

In addition, no prohibition such as “cover”, to use a plastic film, foil, wallpapers and so on. Particularly relevant are the options in the country or registration table. Then using the cover can be safely discarded.