How to Choose Men’s Leather Jacket

How to Choose Men’s Leather Jacket
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The jacket is the essential element of any self-respecting man. It must be elegant, slightly curved and well cut. This is a very important piece, and that’s why you should not hesitate to pay the price. But attention to the mid-range and “brands” that might offer you just mediocre jackets for too high a price Meanwhile, in the low end, you will be … the low end. That’s why I encourage you to give you a beautiful half-measure jacket see a great extent if you can afford! For this, nothing better than a bit small creators stashed if you have the chance to live in a big city. Casually, no Paris has that one can find a tailor or a small independent shop and interesting.

So How Man Choose his Jacket?

The jacket should be a dress that highlights your manhood. It is a purely masculine clothing. To be very clear, the jacket is to man what shoes are to women.
Even for a first jacket, such as leather motorcycle jacket, avoid black. This is seen again and again. And you should know that a black can not stand mediocrity. In short, if you want black, type in the high-end.
I recommend a dark gray or light gray for a first jacket.
The rest is just detail that will be your choice. Pockets, lapels, buttonholes, the number of buttons (1, 2 or 3 buttons?), Shoulder width, a slot or two, color … All these details are your choice and are not so important for a basic jacket.

How to Choose a Jacket in His Size?

Some shoulders are wide, others very smarts (this is called a shoulder pad female). But this is a special cup, and never do you need to press your finger on the shoulder blade. If you have a hollow is too big. A jacket should highlight your strengths and your body. It must therefore be adjusted.
A jacket should close easily. If you have a cross button that appears at the level that is too small.
The small detail that makes all the difference when you are sitting, you open your jacket. This is the politeness and decorum that does it.

The Most Common Mistakes in Choosing Jacket

– Choosing a “bad” black jacket, because it is “0 risk taking”, while in reality it is 100% annoying.
– Take too much jacket, which comes in 95 % of cases. Seriously, when I go checker size of the jacket of my friends is always too. And it’s ugly.
– Take a badly cut jacket.
– Neglecting investment by taking the low end. You have to buy less, but good!

What Purpose?

It’s simple … All jackets are not doing all the time. You must set your priorities: Do you want a casual jacket or a more formal jacket? A casual jacket is recognizing the fact that there has never 3 buttons, it is shorter, more casual and more “young”. While a formal jacket is worn with the set in general. It was then a suit. This is obviously not an exact science, but be aware, however, that a jacket “too” formal with jeans and a pair of sneakers, there’s nothing cheesy: You will go for a fake-cool. Basically, if you have any doubt, do not go!

Some Tips for Finding a Good Value for a Jacket

The buttons are pearl.
The button holes are open, fine and clean.
You are on semi canvas, 100% canvas if you have the means, or failing heat sealing is quality.
The quality of the material. The colors are beautiful and profound. The quality of the cut.

What Budget for a Man’s Jacket?

With a budget of less than € 100 jacket or blazer, it could be very, very difficult to find something suitable. The must is obviously Zara remains the reference in entry, although it may sometimes be surprised by chains like H & M, Cos, Uniqlo or Celio. Everything is obviously trying, while remaining uncompromising on the fit. At that price, you can not afford to want more.

On a medium price range, that is to say between 200 and 400 euros (although I realize this may seem expensive) you will start to find some very interesting things. A small brand that rises much now and whose professionalism is faultless can certainly fill you Melinda Gloss. It recess host of others: the kooples balance for its impeccable fits, although I recommend that normally mark because it is too expensive.

On the high end, that is to say, from 400 euros and more, you begin to find particularly interesting things in the details, cuts, designs and you can afford to be demanding. But a little advice, even pay as much a jacket ready-to-wear at Hugo Boss, rather consider making you carve a beautiful book in half measure, see if you have the means.