How to Create 80s Look

How to Create 80s Look
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Remember those years 80? Well, their cargo of exuberance and color is also very popular in the New Millennium, therefore, in this guide I will give you some tips to dress in the style of the 80s but without falling into the trash or revive some stereotypes really cheap fashion. The look that I propose is basically “by night”, but can be customized in the afternoon, being careful to remove some flashy accessories too. In any case, we see all the steps to recreate the style 80s into the new millennium.

Forget the pants. For many are a lifeline that solves many situations in everyday life. But today you change! We renew the look with a short black dress with a geometric line v-neckline, or rectangular, and the shoulder half sleeve. Remember, the dress 80s, instead of polyester, should not give the idea of elegance, but of playful chic and comfortable.

The impetuous return of printed leggings in our lives has relaunched the style of the 80s, when we called them Tats, and, like today, we wore them out of oversized jerseys. Accantonateli momentarily and prefer pantyhose in micro-fiber, strictly black and opaque (60 den), or stockings fishnet super provocative. Careful though, fishnet stockings lead immediately to extremes: either you are able to take them with elegance, or the vulgar effect is immediate.

And if she gets a fresh breeze? Better cover up, but not too much. Remember that in the years 80, vests or oversize, or were very short. I recommend a short bolero jacket from simple cut, maybe knit rasa and without buttons that gives the idea of a thing put on quick, not too studied, comfortable and casual.

It’s time to take care of hair and makeup. I remember uncombed perms? With plates, various creams and foams, it’s not hard to get a look you little punk, back combing and messed up. The choice is yours if you let them loose or collect them in a queue. Favorite makeup a smoky eyes black and quite heavy, finished with a black eyeliner and mascara filling. Keep your pale charm to create contrast with the red lipstick Ruby with which highlight your lips.

Don’t forget that 80s look is especially accessories. Green light for very thick silver chains and long up in life, white plastic bead necklaces (at least three, wearing asymmetrical and fluttering) and big earrings from the geometric shape.

For shoes, a pair of black lace-up shoes with a heel are up your alley, better so in combination with the leather jacket that we choose. Here, explanations are unnecessary, when it comes to life years 80, it is called a leather biker jacket, there is no alternative. We complete the look using a micro handbag in black leather, maybe lucid that contrasts with the rest of the outfit.