How to Make a Grandfather Clock with Modern Look

How to Make a Grandfather Clock with Modern Look
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When it revolves around vintage clocks, it is impossible not to remember the grandfather clocks. This timepiece has great aesthetic value and history.

Here is the tutorial to make a grandfather clock with modern look. Check out the video tutorial:

You Will Need:
Wooden plate 5 mm thick
A4 bond sheet
Machinery of clock with pendulum
Jigsaw or handsaw
Sierra Cup 40 mm
10 mm wood drill bit
Sandpaper for wood 200
35 mm wood balls
High tack glue
Ruler and pencil
Matte white spray
Matte black spray

Step By Step:
Wooden plate using a sheet of A4 bond as a template select a rectangle of 29, 7x21cm, check the side of the House with 21 cm high and find the Middle at the top of the rectangle to mark the roof.
Home bird make a markup in the middle of the roof and the hole in the shaft of the clock dial halfway between the marking of the Bird House and the base of the House.
Do the marking hole Bird House with a glass of 40 mm and the clock shaft drill a hole using a 10 mm drill bit.
With a jigsaw or handsaw cut 10x5cm rectangles 3 to assemble a box for the clock machinery.
Give finishing in parts with a 200 grit sand paper to wood.
Mount the box that will protect the machinery of the clock at the back of the House using high-adhesion glue.
Replace the original pendulum clock by a wooden ball.
Paint the pieces using spray white matte, and pointers to seconds and minutes of matte black.
Wait all dry and then put the machine in the box on the back and screw the front plug the pointers and the Dong and hang on the wall!