How to Rebrand Vintage Clock

How to Rebrand Vintage Clock
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If you have a vintage clock at home and you think it’s time you can rebrand it, this is your chance. With a clock mechanism, a wooden plank and frame pins you can create a single clock and eco-friendly.

Here is the tutorial to rebrand the vintage clock. Check out.


14 studs to frame (12 for the hours of the clock and two to serve as support base). Can be of plastic or metal, in the colors and formats that you prefer.

A piece of wood. May be old or some object that you would play out.

How to Rebrand Vintage Clock

Just stay tuned to your depth and check whether it is compatible with the clock mechanism.

A clockwork. You can use the any watch structure broken or buy somewhere that sale separately, as in craft stores. Don’t buy a new clock to remove your engine.

Step by step:

  1. measure the wood and cut it to the exact size of the clock mechanism.Then, drill a hole and fit it in the Center.
  1. calculate the correct location of each hour and arrest those 12 studs in their places.
  1. Place the hands on the clock and the last two studs on the bottom of the object to serve if support.
  1. get ready. Simply put battery (rechargeable, preferably) and enjoy your recycled clock.