How to Sew Jumpsuit at Home

How to Sew Jumpsuit at Home
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The popularity of this type of clothing as women jumpsuit is easy to explain: the first is very simple and convenient, and secondly – stylish, attracts fashion modern. To sew a suit is enough to make small changes in the pattern, select fabric ponaryadnee – the product will acquire new meaning and becomes an interesting evening dress.

fabrics for clothing, you can use a variety to avoid just very rude and thick. As whole fabric must choose intended product. For everyday, practical suit fabric, woven or stretch, calm colors. For to create a suit solemn occasion, which will be used as an evening is better to choose fabric of bright colors, sparkling or shiny.

How to Sew a Suit for Women

Tailoring suit – it’s not that complicated if you have the skills to work with models overlock and sewing machine. First thing to do – to come up with style and flair to the product in the store, suitable plat. Need to sew, tell the seller, this will depend on your height, hips width of the fabric, style and intended length of article. You can buy fleece sizing some pieces of fabric, thread to match the fabric or contrast, if the line will be used as decoration (eg denim) stating that the project need a needle, scissors, locks and other accessories chalk.

Before sewing such vintage overalls, do not forget to do model. Preliminary quality measurements should be removed. Specialists recommend doing separate drawing of top product and bottom.

In the adaptation process they connect, the intersection can be done for kuliske glue or lace inserts to the waist.

Be sure to note the location of the pattern of pockets, zippers. Yes, not make too form-fitting jumpsuit – it can lead to some stiffness, especially during walking and sit-ups.

Vintage costume usually has straps crisscrossing related back or neck, but you can not do without them.

Before you sew suit, decide the length of the bottom – it will be long trousers, breeches or trousers over knee. Shape they can also be different.

Pattern done, you can start cutting. Don’t forget to add detail of the cut should be treated with overlock seam or even “zigzag” After this data is swept away. Then this installation. If do you check, the product sits well with you – you can connect all seams. Recent bottoms of the legs neatly stitched.

Product collected, now comes the most pleasant moment – its decoration. Here you can show all their imagination and use applique, embroidery, lace, crystals. Planning how to sew a suit for the summer, it is possible to provide inserts of lace guipure or physical it will give the garment a special attraction and uniqueness.