How to Style a Sleeveless Jumpsuit

How to Style a Sleeveless Jumpsuit
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Why this dress is a must? Have for Spring / Summer overalls has a rich past and a glorious future as one of the most rational clothes – there may be a daily administration, but is also suitable in more formal occasions. Conceived at the beginning of last century, long-sleeved overalls is damn practical when working outdoors or in wartime with legs tucked into boots. So that wraps the whole body tightly and sew by fitting fabric in the ’60s, they were called “cat suit” (catsuit). After years of oblivion, but a few seasons since he became increasingly exploited by fashion designers territory. Today is about to take over the streets and won the forefront among the strongest trends.

Overalls us much needed, not just because jumpsuit is fashionable, but al because:

– It is very practical for any type of activity;

– It is pleasant to wear and your body feels comfortable in it;

– Eliminates the need to wonder with which to combine blouse skirt or pants;

– Visually elongate the body;

– Hides the tummy.

What retro jumpsuit to choose among the many and leisurely and refined suggestions? Choose a convenient, vintage one that will inspire confidence, even if your figure is not as sculpted by sculptor. Summer overalls with thin straps will be a hit, whether in a colorful pattern or plain.