How to Style Vintage Jacket

How to Style Vintage Jacket
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How does Tweed modern?

The trend material has once Coco Chanel looked off the British. Now there are again him – in trendy styles and brand new and differently styled.

“The fashion is unfashionable, style never”-so was Coco Chanel’s maxim. One of their trademarks is the Chanel jacket. In the 1950s, she managed this masterpiece from bouclé-Tweed with border hem and gold buttons. Today, the combinations look different. Here are five examples, such as one Tweed 2015 styling.

Styling tips: Saucy with bib

The jackets classic Tweed are quite unconventional in accompanied by a worker dark blue jeans, a long shirt and chucks.

Styling tips: Cool with Biker jacket

A black leather jacket is just the perfect partner for the casual pants with side stripes and Jersey-piped pockets.

Styling tips: Young to used-jeans

This vintage styling thrives on contrasts: jacket biker style a cute shirt, ripped jeans and elegant ankle boots.

Styling tips: Trendy with XL-Blazer

Some soft blue and Rosé get perfect to paint lace-ups – the black and white Tweed dress very well!

Styling tips: Noble over the pencil skirt

With a narrow leather skirt, sparkly earrings and elegant ankle boots, the Tweed-top works correctly ausgehen fine.