How to Wear a Scarf Vintage

How to Wear a Scarf Vintage
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The vintage scarf must first be a scarf whose motives or color reminiscent of the past, in this case the he is often sufficient in itself. Otherwise, you prove to take these scarves or even a modern and United scarf and tie it to the way of the past for a completely successful retro effect.

The 1950s pin-up scarf

The big trend of the moment is the scarf tied in the hair. So why not put it as did women in the 1950s. It’s kinda the principle of the Easter egg in a lot more glamorous. It will first take you hair and reveal the hair, twist, for example.

How to Wear a Scarf Vintage

Then grab your scarf vintage red white dots, then fold the in order to get a band of a few centimetres wide. Then position the slot your bun and pull up the ends over the top of the head. The art is to make a nice knot allowing to exceed the points on each side.

The style for a look sixties baby doll

For women who are rather in the style of the 1960s vintage, so get yourself a very glamorous scarf in the colors rather soft or pastels. A pretty blue sky or a pale yellow will be perfect to put a touch of sweetness in your flower girl look. You can also tie your scarf around your high ponytail for a very cheeky style. If you want a look that highlights your side fatal woman, then work your hairstyle in volume, as a sauerkraut, for example, then attach your banner so that the middle is located at the top of the skull and the node under the mass of hair.

Wholesale scarf vintage

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