How to Wear Retro Style

How to Wear Retro Style
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Who can wear the retro mini? Victorian inspirations would go with your line? Julia Andor, coach-Council, reveals how to wear a line of retro and modern at the same time.

What kind of women are models of Victorian or Napoleonic inspiration?

Side style, Victorian parts – ballonnantes, jumper, the ruffly sleeves – correspond to women with a very romantic personality or, on the contrary, theatrical. Napoleon, more military models dressed rather pragmatic and active women. Morphology, balloon-sleeved clothes soften the strong shoulders and go so perfectly to women with an imposing line of shoulders.

How to Wear Retro Style

Military cuts, in the image of the jackets, go to all morphologies and marry very well forms of rounds because they are close to the body without being too tight. On the other hand, women with too square shoulders will avoid these models especially if they have additions or embellishments that accentuate the shoulders.

Who can wear the style fifties very fashionable this winter?

This style, centered on the high waist and wide belts, will not only very thin women, be they small or large, but also rounds the size dramatically. It’s a very feminine fashion that highlights forms. This style is also straight and arched skirts in the spotlight. It goes so well to women with a morphology in “V”. Arbour a jacket or blouse to the waist, the skirt will showcase the fineness of their hips.

The mini is back with the sixties lines. Who are they going to?

The mini, style Courrèges, is ideal for women who have thick size but the hips and thin legs. It can even be worn by the elegant with a bit of belly or broad shoulders because, with its flared cut or Tulip, she highlights the legs and camouflages the lack of size. The mini dress is also very well at small as she swing line. They can wear it with a pair of boots tone on tone and a bolero that attracts the eye to the top of the body.