HTC Goes Blackberry

HTC Goes Blackberry
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Landscape display, trackball and keyboard – sound familiar you? Right, HTC has firmly on the design of the BlackBerry uses. A real alternative to business mobile phones by RIM is the snap?

HTC Goes Blackberry

The  vintage phone is well processed, offers an easily operated keyboard and the convenient control trackball. Operating system is Windows Mobile 6.1 to use. In the meantime HTC however offers a free update facility on the new Windows Mobile 6.5.

The vintage  phone is compact with 117 x 61 x 13 millimeters and lies with its rounded forms easily in the hand. The weight is pretty easy with 113 grams. In the battery test the snap lasted over three and a half hours-an average value for a Smartphone. Business users benefit from the pre-installed application “Office Mobile”. You can look at this word, Excel, and PowerPoint files and edit see also. Also a PDF reader can be found on the vintage phone.

HTC also bought “Inner circle” which is directly accessible via the bottom right button the snap. This function ensures that you get to a defined group of persons in direct contact. A press on the button is enough to display all emails from your selected individuals at the top in the mail list. You can use push mail, too thanks to the Exchange connection.

At the snap, the Department of multimedia comes into play. A simple HTC player indicating also ID3 tags and album art provides musical entertainment. He can be activated directly from the homescreen of. The sound is OK, but rips music fans from the stool. Optionally, you can access back for playing music and videos also on the pre-installed Windows Media Player. The simple camera at the rear can capture photos with maximum two million pixels and cut with small set to music videos. The quality of the photos is enough for occasional snapshots always. (Photo Gallery see pictures).

Despite the HSDPA and quite brisk processor does not count the snap to the speed experts. Applications open in part only with a few seconds of delay. A GPS receiver, although one of the facilities, sat-nav software or maps is missing. You must provide a memory card. The vintage phone’s internal storage is quite scarce good 110 MB.

Even with the synchronization, the snap can be long. The mobile phone without a memory card inserted not by Windows XP machines is detected without additional driver. PCs with Vista detect the cell phone on the other hand. The sync with the XP PC took too long in the test via USB for 2 minutes with 1,000 test contacts. The browser in your phone should also give more gas. No matter whether HSDPA or Wi-Fi, standard pages needed in the test about 20 seconds for the complete construction.

The snap is a good alternative to a BlackBerry. It dominated the main Office applications and can provide push mail permanently with messages. Who writes much on the phone and is relying on push email, which should look at more closely the snap. Surfing and multimedia come but too short.You get the cell phone instantly from 290 euro in our price comparison.

If you are looking for a real workhorse and want HSDPA, a full QWERTY keyboard plus elegant design and good workmanship, make sure that Nokia E71 a look at. The mobile phone with GPS and navigation function ranked four in the business mobile phones instantly and currently costs from 270 euros in the price comparison (As of September 2009).