It’s in the Air: The Online Shop for Studio Decor Decoration Soul

It’s in the Air: The Online Shop for Studio Decor Decoration Soul
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What an honor I could share this news with you! I commented the other day that this has been an amazing time in my life, with many accomplishments, and now this one to the list: the official launch of the online store Decor decorating Soul.

It's In The Air The Online Shop For Studio Decor Decoration Soul
I’m excited, because for me it’s a dream come true. It’s been a long time since I want to have my company, my own business, and now it’s there, ready, in the air, running, and I can’t believe it. Pinch me?

I have a lot to thank all the people involved in this project, directly and indirectly. Alone we do nothing. That’s why it’s so wonderful to have angels in our life. Thank you even!
Studio Decor Soul: online shop for decoration
The online store called Studio Decor Soul, and do not store Decor Soul, how could it be, because the goal is to create more and more pieces, is working with wood, with fabric, with paper … the idea is to produce.

And has two things in the Studio which for me are the differentials: first that this is a family partnership. I run the website, social networks and marketing; My dad is the man behind the antique shop, which makes curatingvintage; and my mom is the one who puts his hand in the cookie jar, which makes crafts (did I mention that she’s an artist, right?).

Historic and unique pieces
Another thing I love about this project is that on the website of Studio decor you will find unique pieces-it’s not like department store that has equal 20. Are objects from the decades of 60 and 70, parts that are no longer common in our daily lives, full of stories and marked by time. The same goes pro craft: you will not find two equal parts in the shop.
The idea is to enhance the identity of each item and provide the date of soul mates – the “owner” and the object. You know when you see something to your man and the Holy beats in time? So, who find your couple put in the cart and leads, because there’s only one.
Top 3 of Mari
There are several little pieces that I love (some not yet entered on the site), but separated three who, for some reason, call me attention.
This leather bauzinho pirografado is the early 60. It is all handmade, beautiful work. Has an atmosphere means Maria Bonita, right? lol I love this laranjão inside.
The Claybom can not even my time (after all I’m still a baby), but I happen to love cans and boxes. And I love those estragadinhos that time, this natural wear that reveals the age. It’s beautiful!

This mahogany stool could not be left out of my top 3. I love his color (according to my mother’s tomato-dry). I like his versatility: looks great in the living room, as support for the feet or as a coffee table; looks great in the kitchen, to help achieve the cupboard above; great as a support to a beautiful vase. 1001 uses.

I hope you in the Studio Decor Soul
So from now on I hope you in another address: in the Studio Decor Soul, online shop for crafts and vintage decor:
I hope you enjoy and I will be waiting for your comment, OK? Tell me what you think, give your tips to improve shop, share with friends (help me, go!) and also buy something huh, of course
Thank you and see you soon!