Jacques Henri Lartigue and His Photographs on The Beach Vintage

Jacques Henri Lartigue and His Photographs on The Beach Vintage
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They have little to do prints of our full of umbrellas raise the flag with those last century postcards taken by Jacques Henri Lartigue. Today, These images seem us vintage and, not only serve inspiration for the new wave of delicate retro flavor that floods the images within the social photography, but they also make us sigh by that time loaded with glamour in the wealthy classes, in the period between the wars, the French knew how to portray for remembrance of all.

When I think of the beach, these images always come to mind. I can feel the breeze marina through black and white. The joy in the portrayed that occasionally manifested it by jumping. Also in their smiling faces. It was the era of turntables on the beach. Picnics washed down with champagne and the hats on the head to match the bathing suit and shoes. The lens hood and fabrics as Sun protection. To sum up the aesthetic of the 1920s that glorified a decade of art in fashion.

Jacques Henri Lartigue, whose pictures we saw recently in Spain, through various offices of La Caixa, thanks to “A floating world”, was the photographer who wanted to photograph the happiness, whose first images took them only seven years, reaching a legacy of doscientasmil, around his work in the 1960s where was recognized internationally its work thanks to an exhibition at the MOMA of New York and an interview published in the LIFE magazine.

Jacques Henri Lartigue like me the exquisite It showed, not only compositionally but also with the treatment of the grey, sometimes copies are presented to us with a strong presence of whites, that makes us reach the French coast light without burning. All this with a elegance and a taste of the environment in which he had been raised that you allowed him to gain access to new forms of entertainment and leisure time.

As the great Cartier-Bresson, It was considered before photographer painter, in fact used this discipline as a hobby, demonstrating once again that good photographers work inspiration and intuition in a natural way. Photographs that we immediately recognize as yours thanks to his style so marked of types and customs that depicted. A genius of another era to which we owe the portrait of a way of understanding life very different to ours, that somehow this draws us.

In the first video that you share you can see Jacques Henri Lartigue not only talking about your photography but also its way of working in Studio. It is striking as it just gives indications to the model while It takes their pictures sitting on the floor, calm, as they are your photos. The second makes us a summary of “A floating world” which for those who failed to see it, will have to wait to return tour by the Peninsula. So we all hope.