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Jellycat dealer the softest cuddly toys from Jellycat

There is nothing that can give the children and young at heart the same joy asan ultra soft teddy bear with the right and adorable appearance! Here we give you now the opportunity to buy the delicious soft toys fromJellycat to our range of kids who just waiting for you to choose theallersødeste out. When you shop here at, you will find that customer care is one of our top priorities. This means, inter alia, that you get free *shipping and return as well as the entire 30-day money back guarantee. This allows you easy and free swap your items, if the need should arise. At, we know how much it means to receive the ordered items as soon as possible.Therefore, we will ship your order within 24 hours, if you order on a weekday.In this way, you can be confident of getting the opportunity, to give away yourGold Nugget the amazing Jellycat soft toys within quite a short time after thatthe order is placed. On top of that we give you the ability to track the shipment as soon as it is shipped, so you feel as safe as possible when you shopwith us. stands for safe trade and exceptional customer care!

World renowned producer of delightful and unique teddy bears

The soft teddy bears from Jellycat has really made its entry in Danishchildren’s families! The English brand started its production of stuffed toysback in 1999 and is known for a very special combination of luxurious materialsmixed with adorable and appealing designs, which captivates both children andadults. The brand’s quirky way of thinking is also reflected in the name,Jellycat, which has its origins in a child, who both were crazy about theEnglish wine gums “jellys” and cute cats. The name arose when it was consideredhow wine gums and cats mon would look together! It has now given his completelypersonal Jellycat response to – and more. The brand’s production has in recent years spread more and more, and from the small English company, it was in the beginning, it has now grown into an international company with success in both the United States, Asia, Europe and Australia.

A good and important part of your child’s development

Did you know that a good Teddy bear can help your child in the development ofautonomy? The teddy bear is a transitional object for your child and be used asa safe and tranquil base. The mapping to the teddy bear is absolutely essentialin the period between utter dependence and independence, where your little nugget really need to discover the world. This requires, of course, a teddy bear, which is done by just the right fabric! Jellycats stunning teddy bears isa safe choice for the task. The appealing and friendly facial features combinedwith a completely unmatched softness, will undoubtedly be a hit! If you choose a lovely Jellycat Bunny for your child, you can be sure that your boyfriend ownhas got a friend who creates both peace of mind and the basis for the play. BuyJellycat here at and take advantage of our favourable prices.

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