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Buy the super delicious clothes from Joha at

At, we are pleased to offer our customers a wide selection of productsfrom the popular Danish brand, Joha, who over the last 50 years has produced themost delicious nightwear and underwear in wool and cotton to the children. Your child also enjoy Johas quality clothes for children? Then you have the possibility to buy it here at When you shop with us, you will not haveall the hustle and bustle, which can occur in a physical store. You can sitquietly in a relaxed setting, while you shop around in our large assortment. Asalways, of course, you get free * shipping and Exchange as well as 30-day money back guarantee. In this way, it is no matter to swap to a different size, if thevehicle does not fit. Safety is of course also in the top at, you also have the ability to track your package as soon as it isshipped. Easy, fast and straight forward!

Wool-a safe choice for your baby

Imagine that you put your child into a nice NAP in the stroller. It’s raining a little, and the temperature feels cool. You are wondering whether your littleGoblin mon have it hot enough? With Joha wool, you don’t worry about your baby’stemperature, even if the weather is cool. Wool is a totally awesome natural product, which regulate your child’s temperature, whether it’s summer or winter.Wool is therefore quite ideal for year-round use! Wool also has the property that it is able to absorb up to 40 percent of its own weight, which is quiteunique in comparison to many other forms of clothing materials. On the way are aJoha ulddragt a safe choice to pack your most precious gold into. Do you have a baby with sensitive skin? No problem. Joha produces a very special edition,where there is cotton wool on the inside and on the outside. Do you buy Johaunderwear in cotton for your baby, you can be sure that it is a good choice.They know how much it means that your child’s clothing is of the highest possible quality.

Attention on ethics and the environment

In our daily lives as consumers, it means that the values are in the rightorder. When you put your little treasure in an natdragt from Joha baby, you will probably want to know about Joha has the environmental and ethical aspects in the production. You can rely on, they have! It is located such that they use the EU Ecolabel on their products – Yes, they were actually one of the first Danish companies were authorized to use it. This means that the brand lives fully up tothe strict environmental requirements, issued by the EUROPEAN UNION. Besides that, most of their wool product carriers of one of the world’s most recognizedsymbols in the textile production, Woolmark. This recognised symbol means that with woollen cloth from Joha you are assured of wool in the purest quality.Therefore, you can safely give your child a nice soft wool-bodystocking on withthat in mind, to ethics and values are in order-both within the environment,production and design!

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