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Khbeis is a new boutique in Barranquilla, Colombia, which offers a classic and essential style for women, the pleasure in the fashion, but didn’t on the changes in the trends.

There is a new option of complements, the accessories combined with a touch of Oriental and vintage style, offers.

To found lines are pieces of jewelry in silver and bronze by Rose Khbeis and leather goods by Fadia Khbeis.

Behind this are two designers have been inspired by her father, who in 1981 the family business started, which specializes in the design and manufacture of fine jewelry. Every single creation of Khbeis was inspired by the Oriental spirit, to balance the balance of evolution between the classic and the modern, and characterized by a careful attention in terms of the quality of the pieces and excellent customer service.

KHBEIS is distinguished by its excellent talent, to bring the classic with the contemporary in accordance. Each creation by KHBEIS is modeled after an Oriental spirit, which brings the evolution between the classic and the modern to a settlement. KHBEIS the seal are combinations of Arabic design, colors, metals, stones and leather.

KHBEIS is characterised by its meticulous care in the quality of their items and excellent customer service.

Excellence means the perfect balance between a high quality of products and innovation of design for KHBEIS. The company offers three lines. Jewellery, rose Khbeis, who works with materials such as bronze and silver with special bathrooms, which are resistant to salinity, and have a high durability. Leather goods, produced by Fadia Khbeis, fashion designer, is responsible for the work on alternative leather with gold-plated metal fittings and precious stones; and fine jewelry that is created by Waleed Khbeis, with the best products and best quality of precious and semiprecious stones.

The jewels of Rose Khbeis are unique pieces of their style, they enclose magnetism and originality by metal alloys, organic materials, beads and the mysticism of natural stones, which are edited with crafts and jewels with an authentic seal by Arabic Glam.

Via high-quality leather such as, for example, exotic leather like iguana, Python, ostrich and crocodile, plans a combination of colors with iron work such as that of the jewellery in the Briefcase, which convert planned utensils with the influence of Arabian jewelry, Fadia Khbeis.