L ‘ Affairs by Lancel: Bag to the 135th Anniversary

L ‘ Affairs by Lancel: Bag to the 135th Anniversary
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Believe it or not, but the Lancel company celebrates currently its whopping 135th anniversary! On this occasion it has come up with very special: a bag, the creativity and inventiveness of the founder of Angèle Lancel celebrates.

Founded in 1876 Angèle Lancel the first company for high-quality leather items in the world. Its first boutiques in Paris soon became a magnet of for women of the city. Their famous bags celebrated womanhood and set new standards by creative accents. So she built, for example, like small “compartments” in the pockets, where women could hide their letters or their smoking accessories. Also a mirror was like hidden in the bags.

The imaginative shapes and bright colours were Lancel expression of freedom and youth for Angele. The 135th anniversary of the company they brought now a bag on the market, which celebrates all these attributes. “L ‘ Affairs by Lancel” is available in six colors and impresses with the typical metal closing. From the outside it looks like a reprint of a vintage bag from the 1960s, but inside the Lancel hides a small surprise, typical.

That one is the above mentioned mirror there, no, the inner lining with anecdotes from the history of the House not only printed. A beautiful statement and a bag, the Angele Lancel would have surely fallen. There is still the right makeup bags and a mini-purses.