L et Lena Wedding Dresses

L et Lena Wedding Dresses
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Here’s the collection L et Lena. Have you looked at the photo gallery? As they seem? I decided to offer you these clothes because they are really out of the ordinary. It is definitely one little European style, but if you want even a little American. But there are many interesting details that can be of good ideas to be reviewed to study maybe a custom wedding dress. The model in the picture is Lena Fujii, Japanese actress who took part in the creation of the line. Look I want to comment because this post is dedicated to you own bold brides?

The girl, very young, fun wearing these creations, very different. It is also a model and its features do not betray the mixture of races is half Japanese and half American. The style of the vintage clothes reminiscent of the nineteenth-century clothing. Corset skimpy with generous retro necklines, full skirts and views as well it seems to be borne by the classic grid. Some have a style a bit ‘mermaid, others are a silk cloud.


Everyone has as its theme: femininity and even malice.

L et Lena dares color: you can find the classics, too classic, white clothes and then the rainbow: from floral, to various shades of pink, until a red access . I think the least appropriate to both the blue and black mix.But fashion has no rules, if anything, dictates.