Lady Gaga Makeup Looks

Lady Gaga Makeup Looks
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Most interesting look and sought performed by the Queen of Pop! Come and discover the most beautiful makeup that Lady Gaga has.

Lady Gaga Makeup Looks

More and more extravagant, always trendy, the Queen of Pop Lady GaGa that fashion, not only in clothes and accessories, but also with regard to hair and makeup. Let us together over the years as our Mother Monster has changed and which make up the best he has played for his audience. Let’s go!

The small Italian-American very soon embraces the world of music, starting at only twenty years’ working for Interscope Records as a songwriter. A few years later, he debuted with his first disc “The Fame”,  whose singles led her to climb the top of the charts. In the first album, skimpy outfits and eccentric, in the typical style of GaGa, accompanying make-up characteristic, but delicate: in “Just Dance” as in “Poker face” the focus is decidedly focused on the eyes: Dark eye shadows, from white to gray and utra-bright, fake eyelashes galore and basically nude lips. The perfect complexion contrasts the “lightning” drawn on his face, clearly in the dark and gold first single in the second. In “Love Game” and “Paparazzi” the make up of the eye becomes more elaborate: in the first, obvious are the bright, cheerful colors used on the eyelid, well-defined fold and be marked in dark pigments and determined; in the second dark eyes, outlined by a smoky eyes in shades of gray, accompanied in some stage of Tears “blood” and lips very black!

In 2009 the album “The Fame Monster” album with double Cd: a remake of the old songs and a CD with unreleased tracks. And ‘the year of “Bad Romance”, “Alejandro” and the duet with Beyonce-“Telephone”. In the first single, a bombshell by red lips and smoky eyes one intense black contrasted with a natural beauty, almost white, only a wire mascara! Three make-up changes in the duet with Beyoncé: coarse line eyeliner black, dark red lips, tending to plum is alternating to look much less staid and colorful, characterized by neon lipsticks and eye shadows in shades of blue. Finally, in the shoes of a leopard back smokey and lips in total black Style! Attention still focused on the lips that in the single “Alejandro” remain red for the entire video, definitely opposed to the make up of the eye: eye shadow neutral and warm surround iris green and naked. Pencil white to open his eyes and farewell false eyelashes.

In May of 2011 he released ” Born This Way” , from which we remember the single “Judas”, “You and I” and “The Edge of Glory”. The make up of the first single definitely recalls the style oriental: a line or double line of eyeliner which surrounds and extends the eye, both above the upper lashes that below the lower ones. Draw also the eyebrows, lips on the accompanying well-defined red tones. On the same theme, but much more stylized and modern is the make up that sports in The Edge of Glory. A very different style is rather to take to You and I: Lady Gaga the most of transformation finds himself in the shoes of a man: a uncouth man, with thick eyebrows and thick contrast to a delicate and natural look of the woman, except for the lips that are colored in yellow!

Third studio album for the singer is “artpop”, from which is extracted as a single Applause .Also in this case looks completely bare contrast to make up strong and eccentric, essentially based on color games, on paintings and sculptures. So much so that the same individual Applause, as well as the album cover, were inspired by the birth of Venus by Botticelli. In the video, in fact, it is well evident the analogy: Mother Monster turns into a real goddess, long hair, wavy and voluminous, makeup delicate and totally natural surround a naked body, covered with a few shells!

Finally, last September was released the last album, CHEEK TO CHEEK, standard disc with the crooner Tony Bennett: Lady Gaga returns to a more different than ever! A voluminous hair, curly and dark outlines a clear complexion characterized by a makeup with very vintage mirrors: well defined eyes, eyeliner and lips warm and soft tones.