Learn about the Origin of St. Patrick’s Day

Learn about the Origin of St. Patrick’s Day
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On Thursday, March 17, the celebrations in honor of the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s day, gain prominence in English speaking countries. Considered one of the world’s most popular celebrations, St. Patrick’s Day crosses borders and attracts devotees more excited that do not lose a good celebration to drink with friends. In Brazil, particularly in the city of São Paulo, the party wins special productions in the bars and restaurants around the city.

The holiday became public in 1903 and since then is celebrated, but only in 1996 that the first “St Patrick’s Festival” was held in Ireland. Currently the festivities last for five days. During the day, the Irish tend to fantasize and participate in parades, stunts and shows. The party, however, attracts the younger crowd at night, with all the pubs riding a special programming, with discounts on drinks and musical performances.

The more drinks consumed on the date are the classic Guinness and Irish Whiskey. The Green Beer, created exclusively for the St. Patrick’s Day, to reach this colour adds a dose of Mint to drink. In cooking, Fish ‘n’ Chips, typical dish of British cuisine. Check out the schedule of some houses of São Paulo for this Thursday:

Republic English Pub

The St Patrick’s Week of the Republic began on Wednesday, 16, with double green Heineken Beer and caipirinha, caipiroska, caipisake, mojito and margarita twice all night, in addition to the exemption of entry for all customers. The Hotzilla band packs the night with your pop rock. On day 17, happens the official celebration from the 5:00 pm and the first 150 customers to reach the pub get Welcome Shot Irish Green, which leads Whisky Jameson, green apple juice with citrus. The bands HIV and Piper run the sound next to the DJ Cadu. The pub also distributes top hats and various House exclusive giveaways throughout the night. On Friday, 18, women have VIP entry until 10:30 pm and the bands shake the audience Monk and Hiv. Already on day 19, the House holds the St Patrick’s Day Revival Party with bands such as HIV and Bubbles to ensure the excitement from 5:00 pm. All week will be offered a double dose of Jameson Whiskey and Absolut. Delfina Street, 110-Vila Madalena.

Charles Edward Bar

On day 17, Charles offers cold beer Brahma green customers who are dressed in the same color, in addition to 20% discount on bottles of Jameson Whiskey. The traditional crush bar also features a pocket show of bagpipes – main instrument of Ireland-with the presentation of two dancers. Who runs the music during the rest of the night are the Rolls Rock bands and Movin ´ Up, besides the DJ Paula Blue, which performs live set with Paulo Campos on percussion and with guests DJ Bad Liuzi and the violinist Paulo Campos Productions Agency, project Blue and Drums. Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek Avenue, 1400 – Itaim Bibi

Flintstones-CLA 66

The Cla 66 dresses in green and enters the atmosphere of St. Patrick’s Day. The celebrations will be held from 17 to 21 March. With special decoration, the mix of flintstones, and vintage store gastro bar in American Hot Rod culture, created two drinks especially for date: Italian Soda (Green Apple syrup, mint, lime, carbonated water, R$ 9.50) and Infinity (wormwood, Irish whiskey, caramelized sugar, water and ice, R $39.00). Who is the Cia 66 these days with predominant green parts (clothing or accessory) will win the drink Italian Soda, as a courtesy. Canary Street, 1346-Moema

Restaurant Tap Hous

The São Paulo Tap House, the largest showcase of handcrafted beers, prepares on Thursday (17), a special day in honor of St. Patrick, famous Patron Saint of Ireland. The party will feature dishes specially developed for celebration, among them the Hamburgers of Against green spinach bread steak, served with rustic potato (R $35), Irish stew of meat and sausage with potatoes and mushrooms of coccção slow on beer Dry Stout (R $43) and finally, the Irish Dry Stout Milk Shake, chocolate-covered , whipped cream and brownie pieces produced in house (R $24). Sunflower Street, 340-Vila Madalena

Choperia São Paulo

The Pub St. Paul will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the best Irish style and will feature special programming. The celebration will feature folk music and the sandwiches will be served in greenish breads. Green also will take care of the environment and decor will be the tone of the cups in which they will be served the beers. In addition, to enjoy a pint of Jupiter IPA, the client gets a glass of 400 ml of Bienards beer Myto Pilsen. From 12:00 to 12:00 am. ? Rua dos Pinheiros, 315, pines.

Hooters Brazil

To celebrate, 17/03 day, the Hooters Brazil will serve the traditional green beer (R $10.90) all day. Already from 8:30 pm, the houses will receive musical attractions: Hooters Paulista – Jazz under the command of Micheal Days Trio; Hooters Vila Olímpia – pop music duo of Ed Jones & Wellington Maia; Hooter Mooca-Brazilian cover of Elvis Presley, Adam Roman, packs with the successes of the King of pop. To follow, is the suggestion of the famous Chicken Wings (R $39.90), chicken wings; Rib Balls (R $39.90), muffin made with traditional pork ribs; and the Pastel Hooters (R $31.90), 12 mini pastries of meat, cheese or mix together with Hot Sauce, are among the portions for sharing. Drinks, milkshakes, hamburgers, sandwiches and salads also make up the options on the menu. Address: www.hootersbrasil.com.br

Bourbon Street Music Club

The Bourbon Street enters, for the second year, in commemoration of Saint Patrick’s Day. This special night will be toasted with welcome drink and presentation of the band U2 One, which makes the Repertoire of the greatest name of Irish music: U2. U2 One is more than ten years on the road and is internationally recognized for the most demanding fans of the Irish group. With your musical and visual fidelity, was invited by Universal Music to perform a show at the official launch of the CD “No Line On The Horizon” U2 in Brazil in 2009, in addition to performing the greatest feast of Saint Patrick’s Day in the world, the Guinness Party in São Paulo, with coverage of the channel Multishow in 2012. From the 8:30 pm, cover charge R $60. Rua Dos Chanés, 127-Moema.

Restaurant Table

Inspired by the culture and international cuisine, the restaurant Table couldn’t help but celebrate one of the most important dates of Ireland. The New York chef Khahim Johnson will prepare dishes live on the porch of the House, the 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Among the suggestions are the Colcannon (typical dish of Ireland prepared with Kale, cabbage, mashed potatoes and bacon), served with Boxty (traditional Potato Pancake-R$31), Irish Stew (Irish Stew prepared with lamb and vegetables – R$35) and chocolate Cheesecake with Bailey’s Irish Cream (R$17). The House also serves Jameson’s Irish Whiskey ($ 15), Guinness in pressure (R$19) and Irish Coffee (coffee, Jameson’s, brown sugar and cream-R$22). Alameda Itu, 1564- gardens.


It is worth noting the symbols used to identify this traditional festival. The tradition of wearing green on St. Patrick’s day began with the habit of using attached to clothing, a Shamrock similar to what the Holy bears. Irish folklore tells that this clover represents the Holy Trinity, doctrine which professes the God in three distinct persons: Father, Son and holy spirit. The clover for being green and represent good luck, has become a symbol of patriotism the country Catholic.

The Elf probably has come from Celtic folklore. Known as little man, jacket, Green Hat and a long Red Beard, does everything to protect your hidden treasure at the end of a rainbow. The Celtic Cross, another symbol of the party, had your source when St. Patrick’s day Celtic Irish Christians trying to convert, decided to join the Sun (strong Irish symbol) with the cross of Christianity.