Lifestyle Sunday #76

Lifestyle Sunday #76
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After the lifestyle Sunday of last week has been so extensive, I’ve been really curious what this week will be for the post on the last weekday. Personally, I think you will not be disappointed. For this week you will also find the latest trends and styles, briefly summarized in one article.

Always punctual to the last day of the week, I present you stylish labels, unusual gadgets as well as much more. Now I do not really have much to say, except much fun with the issue #76 as well as a nice, relaxing Sunday.

What do I want to say with this photo? Is it time for caribbean or holiday in general? The course, too, but I am going to the our site. The dealers offer over 540 varieties of tea of ​​the finest quality, have 180 organic teas on offer and provide with blends like “Schneetreiben”, “Kaminfeuer” or “Winterschokolade” for cozy warmth. Just the right one for cool days and if you want to have a little change of coffee, so quietly times with the Urbanteadealers.

With HOPE, Muro.exe introduces a new edition, limited to 200 pairs, on the market. With this, the label pays homage to three planets on which one could hypothetically live, we should ever have fled the earth: Europe, Miranda and Titan. Each individual shoe represents a serigraphy/embossing, in which various details of the planets are printed on the shoes. The basic characteristics of the Muro.exe Silhouettes: Outer material made of elastane, double-colored polyurethane sole, breathable mesh inner layer, high-quality insole provide two special features: on the one hand, the specially printed fabrics and on the other a striking labeling Matching to the 200 numbered pairs.

In the new lines of the Spring/Summer 2016 Men’s Collection by Piquadro, the Italian soul of the brand meets an innovative, technical design understanding. One thing is clear, the backpack is the focus of the collection this year, as it always has a perfectly organized inner life. Furthermore, the individual pieces wait with outward, clear, graphic designs. Definitely a collection you can look at.

Last week, New Balance announced the launch of the first high-performance shoe with a completely 3D-printed midsole. This is the result of an exclusive cooperation with 3D Systems, a new sole from the elastomer powder DuraForm® Flex TPU has been developed out of this cooperation, which achieves an optimal balance between flexibility, stiffness, weight and longevity.

New Balance was the first sports article manufacturer to equip the American mid-range Jack Bolas with a 3D-printed spike sole adapted to the athlete’s foot shape. Ever since then, New Balance team athletes have been taking part in competitions that are custom-made in 3D print technology. So it is also soon for normal mortals on the market, one may be curious, whether the own performance thereby also a little increased.

Stance does not let loose this winter either and brings some interesting, colorful socks onto the market. These are not only due to the color and their design, but also because they sit incredibly well on the foot.

Since the socks come from the sport field, they have taken over all super good qualities into the lifestyle area. That is, the area of ​​the heel and the soles are extra lined and the socks have been woven more tightly around the toe of the foot. And the Santa Claus can certainly also hide one or other gift from it.

Nixon can not take it and is waiting for Part II of her Star Wars wristwatches. These are strongly reminiscent of their design:

Boba Fett-the most infamous head-hunter in the galaxy

Darth Vader-a dark Sith Lord, who under the Emperor’s instructions almost completely extinguished the Jedi Knights

Stormtrooper-the Imperial Storm troops are the well-trained Galactic Empire soldiers

What I particularly like here is the fact that the watches do not come alone, but are accompanied by accessories such as money bags, backpacks and belts.

Higher, farther, faster-this may be the motto behind the secondcollaboration of G-SHOCK and Burton. The two brands released their first joint vision of design and function for the wrist already in 2012, now it’s time for a second round.

For those who are fond of the most daring slopes and pipes in the world, tough equipment is required to withstand a high level of adrenaline and wild nature. With the GW-9400BTJ, the GW-9400BTJ is one of the most advanced models of G-SHOCK from the Rangeman series, with many features such as altimeter, compass, barometer and thermometer. The clip, in which Pro-Boarder and Burton team driver Taku Hiraoka tests the watch heart-pounding you find here.

City life writes new stories every day. One sees, is seen and trends become independent of all alone. Bergschuh specialist Dachstein is pushing a new one. Traditionally conscious, independent, individual and away from the ordinary, the two new models, Hubert and Kurt, are a statement for the casual lifestyle of the city combined with the passion to be outdoors.

Even I do not use hiking boots as much, actually not at all, more running shoes, but the mountain boots Hubert and Kurt von Dachstein look just good. One can certainly also misunderstand for the city day. Because the midcut boots look in no way functional, but rather stylish. Or what do you mean?

Every year, 2.6 million children die from the effects of under-eating and malnutrition. The most effective weapon against hunger is so-called Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF), which means enriched food for the hungry and the need for nutrients. A statistic that Your Superfoods is also known for. These bring the ultimate health boosters of nature to the start and help you feel more active, healthier, happier, more beautiful, fitter and stronger. But also the 2.6 million children mentioned are not forgotten.

For every superfood mix sold, the company donates a life-saving food package to children who are affected by acute nutritional deficiencies. And indeed 1: 1 and without if and but. So, when you buy your Superfoods products , you are not only doing something good yourself, but at the same time doing something against hunger in the world. The coordination of the donations takes Action Against Hunger (ACF), an organization active for decades, which as one of only 2% of all charity organizations worldwide has achieved a four-star rating of the charity navigator.

The days are known to be colder and the Zwiebellook is used again and again in everyday life. It is also known as FRENN , which in their autumn/winter collection 2015 have enough pieces to warm up. Impressions of the comfortable and, above all, warm jackets, coats and co. Are available in FRENN’s online shop.

The Pop-Pilot Pilot watches I wanted to mention in my lifestyle Sunday #63 stage reiterate that I think that the colorful watches fit perfectly in the winter. The special feature of the time indicator is not only its design but also the tribute to the airports of the world. Because every airliner carries as name the IATA code of a popular flight destination. For more information, please visit thePop-Pilot website.

For about a year, Velasca founders Enrico Casati and Jacopo Sebastio dealt with the design and functionality of their shoes before the first prototype was handmade in Montegranaro.Velasca’s winter-hard shoes with Vibram sole were developed by Italian styling, intensive research and passionate work . This prevents the loss of body heat and at the same time anti-slip on icy roads. Originally, the abrasion-resistant rubber sole was used mainly for mountain boots and is now found in sports, hiking and winter shoes by many manufacturers.

Let’s think back to the 1990s, FILA was an important player in the basketball market-and provided NBA stars like Grant Hill and Jerry Stackhouse with his models. But also away from these success stories, he was one of the most popular basketball shoes of this era, the Cage doubting. 20 years after the The Cage premiere, the relaunch of the spring/summer collection 2016 can be found.

The new version of The Cage is based on classic Streetbasketball sneakers and is available as a version for women and men and in five colors: cream, dark blue, white, black and red. The shoe is state-of-the-art. This includes, of course, an update of the revolutionary “Ankle Piece”, to which FILA has added a comfortable “Pro Comfort Foam” layer. Is not quite my style, but you just know it from the youth…

In addition to his bags, the Swiss label QWSTION presents a new product, the QWSTION Raincoat for the first time . Like the bags of the label, this also comes with the usual attention to detail. In cooperation with the textile development studio DNS, the rain-proof, timeless coat was designed from the innovative CottonShell® material, which consists of one hundred percent of renewable raw materials.

The special feature of the material used is that the outer fibers swell when they come into contact with moisture and close the fabric so that no moisture can penetrate inside. The Raincoat for ladies and gentlemen will be available from 27th of November 2015 at in a first edition of 100 pieces and for the price of 380.00 € and 590.00 € with food. Surely a priceless price for a raincoat, however, he should keep what he promises, you buy here also no piece for a season but a whole life.

Freezing Impossible-this is the motto of Approvendt for this winter. Because of their wide selection of knit accessories, one can be sure that one does not shiver in the cold season. The styles are very different-fringes: yes or no? Can be the cap with bobble-or the minimalistic Beanie? Likewise, the Danish label has a lot to offer in the color selection: brown, blue, gray or black, make your choice!Further impressions can be found on the website of Recognition.

At first glance, Red Wing Heritage and Wrenchmonkees do not have much in common. The high-tech biking world appears to be in stark contrast to the crafty Red Wing Heritage Boots. Sometimes, however, appearances can also be deceptive. For example, the two companies jointly launch the Red Wing Heritage x Wrenchmonkee Iron Ranger no. 4545, in a limited edition. The combination of wax and suede used in the production process guarantees a beautifully worn look when the shoes are often used for biking. Read more

The Eastpak Core Series Competition from Eastpak took place this year for the first time. Within the framework of this competition, young, urban creatives and entrepreneurs were sought, supported and animated in eight countries. The campaign was part of a Europe-wide challenge, with which an outstanding entrepreneurial personality was to be found. Already a few weeks ago I reported on the Lifestyle Sunday.

The Findeling competition-a new iOS and Android-based app that finds and displays local and independent shops-won the competition. As a profit, Findeling is now launching a business coaching service from orderbird, the brand which has developed the iOS POS system for restaurants of the same name. The start-up team was able to choose the winners from the 24 European Core Series ambassadors, in order to find the ideal support for them
Absolute independence, adventure and all the beauty that our earth has to offer, is only to be found far from civilization, on the roofs of the world. The most exciting thing is to share the adventure with a loyal partner-but even those who travel alone need reliable companions in the form of the right equipment. The new PRO TREK series PRG-300 offers absolute reliability every minute and the most advanced technology in a small space.