Mad Men. and They Go 5 [] Season 5

Mad Men. and They Go 5 [] Season 5
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As I remember if it was yesterday, and has already spent more than a year, my compulsive way of seeing, devour, the first four seasons of mad men. The fascination gave me , which I still produces – not only the character of Don Draper, but also the sets, the soundtrack, dialogue, costumes, in a word everything that surrounds this cult series. Okay, I admit: Don Draper, Don Draper and Don Draper…. [] I think I’ve Already Told you, but I saw the first 4 Mad Men seasons on a row, non stop -Well, almost- About a year ago. I was absolutely fascinated by the costumes, the decor in September, the cast, the script, the music, it is, about everything in the show. Well, yes, on top of That, acerca de Don Draper…

The fact is that today, looking for other things online for an entry decoration and accidentally, I have come across one of those essential blogs, Whorange, which made ​​me wonder two things: 1. how is it possible not to I had discovered before? and 2. How is it possible also has not yet seen, read, heard about the new life of Don Draper, his wanderings, his new apartment and distilled life in smoke, alcohol and advertising? So I’ve been flying Youtube and jumping from link to link until I I learned several things about the new season … [] But the thing is That I did not read, hear, saw anything acerca the season 5. I They Knew They Were working on it, but I did not see any picture or any video Until watched This morning. And I’m, again, absolutely amazed and fascinated. I came across some pictures while preparing today’s post in Whorange blog (How Could I acerca Whorange never heard before? How Could I did not see any picture before Madmen S. 5 ???). Now, after a couple of hours of Youtube, blogs, imdb and more, here you have a few images to enjoy…

I even discovered that exists the possibility of purchasing the full season to see it from the computer, which of course is not available for Spain = S. We must wait to take out the DVD… Anyway, patience … unless some kind soul willing to share their knowledge know how to acquire it otherwise – that yes, original version, Please, that my Don longer I put another voice than yours or joke… – speak now or forever hold your peace. [] And if you happen to live in the USA, and you missed the show on TV, you can watch them online via You like people (it’s disabled for Spain = S)

Oh, and this is the new Mrs. Draper, Megan Draper, played by Canadian actress Jessica Paré, dancing and singing in the surprise birthday party his Don. You want to see it in action? [] Now, let me End With Mrs. Draper, Megan Draper, played by Canadian actress Jessica Paré, singing and dancing for her husband. Want to see her?